The Valkyrie Chronicles: Conflict Z

Following the repelling of Cervello's Invasion the Challenger receives a distress call from the Vega System over a disease that is infecting the inhabitants of a region on the habitable planet. Michael and the crew of the Challenger were told it is a minor and curable disease but when they got there they witness something else.


5. 5

When the intense fire ceased there were multiple large explosions as the sealed tunnels exploded knocking down or whipping out any zombies that were standing around the entrances leaving a cloud of smoke and dust till bolts of light fired forth and soldiers ran out firing as motorized or hovering vehicles appeared behind as they began their offensive.  The Neo-Zeon Knights and Challenger security personnel attached climbing gear as did Michael and the Green Comet and Michael said to one of the knights, “What are you doing here?”, and the knight said, “Lord Deikun thought you needed some assistance and he is in orbit above us!”, and Michael just shook his head and smiled.  Once the tunnels were blown they repelled down as they saw soldiers with blaster and automatic rifles firing with others using flamethrowers setting fires to multiple zombie corpses as tanks and personnel carriers followed behind.  More zombies appeared beneath their dead comrades and started moving towards them and the knights, security personnel, Michael and the Green Comet began firing their rifles and phasers as they continued to repel down and when they reached the bottom and detached their repelling gear helicopters began flying over the area and began laying fire giving the forces aerial cover.  The knights started hacking or clubbing away with their rifles or firing while the Green Comet pulled out her swords and Michael pulled out two large knives and began fighting hand to hand stabbing or slicing the zombies heads off.  The Neo-Zeon Knights worked together as one grabbed a zombie from behind while another bayoneted its face as another knight saw a couple of zombies coming behind the Green Comet and he ran, tackled both of them as he screamed and immediately pulled out his rifle and in one swing smashed both their heads apart with the butt of his rifle.  Michael continued to stab into the temples of the zombies or sliced their throats before shoving his knives through the bottom of their jaws not knowing that he was being surrounded as he continued to fight savagely.  Four of the knights noticed Michael being surrounded and one yelled, “TO THE VALKYRIE!”, and they all yelled as they charged and swung their bayonets slicing zombies in their way or stabbing them either in the face or body before blasting them apart as they barreled in to Michael’s assistance and used their shields to shove the zombies away as they charged past Michael and shoved their rifles either over or in between their shields and fired their rifles.  A knight jumped over his comrades with a large knife in hand and sliced off two zombies heads off in one stroke, stab another directly over its head and into its brain and ripped its head off as he was pulling the knife out.  He then turned and sliced off another zombie’s head and he stabbed another in the belly and looped the head off of another before throwing the body over him knocking a few of them down before the rest of the knight’s comrades joined in the savage fight.


    In the chaos Michael continued to fire his phaser rapidly till the zombies were almost on top of him and in his vision the words “TERMINATE” appeared and all the zombies were targeted by crosshairs and Michael’s eyes glistened red and he fired faster till the zombies swarmed over him as he didn’t say a word as they snarled, grabbed him and dragged him down.  The Green Comet saw this and she screamed, “NOOOO!”, and she ran towards him stabbing one zombie in the face with a knife and used its head as she jumped on it before pulling the knife out and sliced off a few zombies heads.  She jumped off the zombie and pulled out both her swords and began slicing her way through to Michael yelling, “HOLD ON MICHAEL!  I’M COMING!”, and as she sliced her way through heads, limbs, various body parts, organs and purple ooze flew in the air and all around her till all of a sudden she saw zombies thrown up in the air as if they were blown off someone or something and the Green Comet ducked and covered her face as they fell on top of her as they lost their balance.  Instead of attacking her they got up and moved away from her as she was being ignored and headed towards Michael’s direction.  She ignored this fact as she immediately continued slicing and stabbing her way forward till she stopped and looked shocked at what she saw.  Michael appeared with almost half of his face torn away revealing with looked like the face of a T-800 as he grabbed a zombie by the throat, lifting it up, shoving his right hand into its stomach as he looked longly at it while driving his hand in and ripped part of its spine out before dropping the zombie and in one stomp on its face he crushed its skull.  The zombies then came after him but as they did so Michael looked up showing no expression as the clothing around his forearms tore and his forearms and hands transformed into silver gatling guns and he fired shooting bolts of light as the zombies in front of him were ripped to pieces throwing bones, organs, limbs and purple liquid all over the place.  The Green Comet stood shell shocked ignoring the zombies walking or running past her and Michael’s lower body remained in place as his upper body turned clockwise making tearing/ripping sounds as his upper body turned making his skin rip as it couldn’t follow.  The Green Comet saw Michael turn in her direction and she ducted as over 12,000 plasma bolts per minute (from both gatling guns) fired over her covering her in purple liquid and slime.  A zombie jumped on Michael’s back and began biting him on the left shoulder only making metal clanking sounds as it chewed into his shoulder and ran into his metal inner skin.  Michael swung his left arm/gatling gun and knocked the zombie off before firing at point blank range in its face throwing purple liquid and chunks all over Michael’s face and body (leaving only his one robotic and one normal eyes untouched) as he fired and ripped apart the zombie’s body from face to toe as Michael yelled till only the zombie’s arms and legs remained.  Then another zombie jumped on top of him and knocked Michael onto his back and before the zombie could bite him as it snarled Michael locked both gatling guns to the sides of its face and there was a cocking sound of two shotguns before the zombie’s head exploded.  Michael quickly got up and as more zombie’s charged after him he repeatedly fired the shotguns (where they are between the barrels of the gatling guns) at the zombies either blowing them in half, blew apart their limbs before their heads or directly exploded their heads till there was a huge explosion next to him and Michael fell to his knees as the zombies were blown apart.  He looked up and he saw a tank with a machine gun nest on top firing away at the zombies around him and the soldiers followed with rifles and flamethrowers and cleaned the area around him as some of the soldiers looked at him in shock seeing his robotic eye and half his face.  Even though he kept an expressionless face Michael looked around and the Green Comet knew that he is confused and she walked up to him slowly and said, “Michael, its over.”, and Michael snapped his head to her direction surprising her with one of his gatling guns drawn and the Green Comet stood her ground with her hands raised and she said in her continued calm voice, “I’m unarmed.”, Michael scanned her and his display spelled, “UNARMED”, and the Green Comet said, “You may stand down.  The area is secured.”, Michael looked around as if ignoring her and the Green Comet pulled off her mask and looked at him innocently while walking towards Michael till she was in arm’s length and he looked at her again and she said, “Please Michael.”, and she touched his metal cheek and said, “Come back to me.”, and she continued to look at him innocently and Michael’s display began to fluctuate as he looked at her sad and innocent face while lightly touching his cheek till all of a sudden his display snapped to normal sight and his robotic eye turned blue.  Michael’s expression then went from expressionless to a look of shock and breathed heavily as he stumbled and almost fell till Chloe caught him and said, “Are you all right?”, Michael looked around still in a state of shock until he finally said, “What, happened?”, Chloe said, “I think in human terms you lost your cool.”, he looked down at her and saw she was covered in purple slime and he suddenly looked disgusted and flinched back and said, “Eww!  You look disgusting!”, Chloe frowned in anger but calmly said, “You should see yourself pretty boy.”

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