The Valkyrie Chronicles: Conflict Z

Following the repelling of Cervello's Invasion the Challenger receives a distress call from the Vega System over a disease that is infecting the inhabitants of a region on the habitable planet. Michael and the crew of the Challenger were told it is a minor and curable disease but when they got there they witness something else.


2. 2

Once the Challenger achieved orbit to Vega IX Michael appeared in the transporter room where Carol and three other medical staff were already waiting and she said, “Sir is it wise you should come?  The area we are beaming to is a peninsula and it will be teaming with people that are trying to evacuate.”, Michael stepped on the pad and said, “For something this small I think it is wise for the commander to beam down and assure the inhabitants that everything is cool.”, Carol rolled her eyes, sighed and said, “Are we ready yet?”, transporter chief said, “Yes ma’m.”, Michael said, “Energize!”, and they dematerialized.  They rematerialized on what looked like a helo pad and four blue terrain jeep like vehicles waited for them with drivers wearing blue plastic fitted suits and wore hockey like helmets that are blue and had a single glass shield in front of their faces with displays showing on them.  They loaded the supplies they were carrying on the vehicles and they were driven away and noticed people were either walking or running past them and Carol said, “Why are they moving away in a hurry?”, the driver said, “They are evacuating the hazard zone.”, Carol said, “Take me to this hazard zone!”, the driver said, “Sorry ma’m but I have orders to take you and your team to the designated field hospital.”, Michael was about to speak till Carol yelled, “As the chief medical representative of the Federation of Planets I order you to take me to the hazard zone or else you try to cure this disease on your own fuck tards!”, Michael looked a little baffled but amused as the driver looked really frustrated and he turned the wheel and the lead vehicle turned making the other three follow as they entered a highway that is clogged with people that are moving the opposite direction.  As they drove a little farther there were more people running and they began to move faster and faster as they drove farther till it seemed like people were trying to sprint but were carrying their belongings or little ones with them that prevented them.  Michael then leaned over and said, “Driver what the hell is going on?!”, but the driver continued looking ahead and Michael stood up to see over and a hovering solar powered cycle sped up right beside Michael on the left side and yelled, “GET DOWN AND TURN AROUND RIGHT NOW!”, and Michael sat down as he leaned over to speak to the cycle driver as the driver also yelled, “REMAIN IN...”, then he was slammed from behind and was crushed beneath a motorhome as the medical personnel and Michael looked in shock as the motorhome kept going, crushing people and smashing vehicles in its path till it slammed into what looked like the back of a moving truck and it fell on its right side as people screamed and some raised their hands to stop it only to be crushed beneath its weight.  Michael then looked back as he heard what sounded like a dog snarling and he stood back up on the vehicle and looked ahead as his robotic vision enhanced his view ahead and at first he squinted as the sun shined down on him and in an instant had a look of terror in his eyes and expression while around him more people ran and many of them started to scream or yell and Carol called up to him, “Captain what is it?!”, and Michael continued to look as he saw a wall of beings charging towards them as if they are a wall of water running over each other and on top of people trying to run away either ignoring them as they were crushed or were started being eaten and he looked back down and Carol and the rest of the medical team looked nervous as they saw his expression and he yelled out, “ZOMBIES!”, he then screamed at the driver, “GET US THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!”, and the driver began turning the vehicle around as well as the others but they were swarmed by the onrushing people trying to flee and they couldn’t move.  Michael then yelled into his communicator, “LAW BEAM US UP!”, Law yelled back, “I can hear you fine loudmouth!  I can’t beam you back to the ship due to interference from whatever it is around your position!”, Michael said, “Then beam us north of here!”, Law said, “Where sir?!”, Michael yelled, “ANY FUCKING WHERE!”, and they heard louder snarling and a low thundering noise as they looked up and see a wall of charging zombies either running over either each other or non infected people as some were being eaten while others were ignored and were crushed or swarmed beneath the zombie wave and Michael and the others pulled out their phasers only to be dematerialized.  


    When they rematerialized they were on a grassy hill with trees behind them and they over looked the same road still crowded with people and moving fast only this time no one is screaming or rushing through.  Michael pulled out his communicator and said, “Law where are we?”, Law said, “Thirty miles north of where you were sir. Is everything all right?”, Michael said, “We’re fine now, notify Gross and tell her the situation is more serious than we thought.  We’ll contact you later when we have more information, captain out.”, he then turned to one of the former vehicle drivers and said, “We need an aerial transport now!”, they still looked shocked but one of them pulled out a communications device and started talking.  Three non bladed helicopters landed (colored blue and white and were powered by a jet engine on top) and they all boarded and left the hill before refugees started moving up the hill.  When they flew away they watched in the distance zombies swarming the countryside, forests, and roads trampling over people as behind them they were either consumed or infected by zombies behind the onrushing wave.  They also saw makeshift barricades of vehicles or other large objects as soldiers and police stood behind and fired on the zombies as they charged at them but the barricades fell as well with jets and non rotor helos flew over firing rockets and machine guns at the zombies.  Carol then called out and told the pilots to head to the field hospital but one of the pilots told her that place is being evacuated but Carol told them to fly there anyway and the pilot shook his head and turned the helo.  When they reached it Carol and the others looked in horror as the medical center is in total chaos as ambulances and med. buses try to leave but people were clambering onto them and pulling and pushing people out including patients and amongst the chaos they saw zombies mixed in with the people running around in the chaos making it confusing who is infected and who is not and Carol told the pilot to take them as far north as they can.  


    The helos reached what is called Tall City and they landed on a makeshift military firebase and when they disembarked Michael pulled out his communicator and told Law to have two regiments of security standing by and when they reached what they believed is the command center he told Carol to get the rest of her med. staff out but she told him she is staying there and if he has a problem then oh well.  Michael just shook his head and moved away as Carol and the medical staff went the opposite direction where nurses and medical staff were running in and out of a large white building and Michael walked up to a large tent and at first the two guards stood in his way but they parted when one of the pilots showed his ID and told them who Michael is and he entered and saw military generals and older men and women in suits standing over a large table chart with a tv screen in front showing what Michael believed is the president of this nation and they stopped talking when he entered and Michael looked furious and yelled, “DUDE, you call this a fucking rabies epidemic?!  W nearly got our asses chewed off and all I see is police and civil defense forces!  Where is the fucking army, navy or even your air forces?!”, the president told him he is trying to prevent a mass panic and it is all taken care of and then the president told Michael he finds his tone offensive and rude and he will not tolerate it or listen to him continue if he talks in that tone and Michael fired back, “How about this , I leave and make a report to the Federation Council how you’ve lied and endangered the lives of the away team and myself due to just covering your ass and have you only defend yourselves without any aid!  How is that for tone fuck face!”, and all military personnel looked at Michael with a mixture of shock and anger and then the president said, “As of right now Captain Valkyrie we do not need your help anymore and you have one hour to get off the surface and leave or I will authorize...”, and all of a sudden the screen went blank and one of the generals said he didn’t hear him but then another called out, “TREASON!  You should be arrested and tried for...!”, the same general that turned off the screen said, “Go ahead!  See if you can hold the southern defenses when my infantry divisions leave!  Without me those soldiers will literally drop their weapons and leave!”, same other general said, “Then they will be executed as well for mutiny!”, another general yelled out, “ENOUGH!  That is stupid!  No one is executing or arresting anyone!”, they all started arguing amongst themselves till one called out that the president is far away and is obviously thinking for himself and clearly not aware of the seriousness of the situation.  Then a woman in a suit said, “Mr. Valkyrie what do you think we should do in this crisis?”, and Michael went straight to the point and asked how far the zombies have spread and they told him in the Northeast they were as far as New City to Cleve and Pitts and in the Southeast as far as New Jack to thirty miles from where they are now.  Michael told them that they must fully evacuate Tall City and every place east of the Main River to the other side and have their civil defense forces along the river to as far west to the Thendore Mountains to form a wall at least twenty feet high while defense forces west of the mountains build walls along any gaps and close off all the roads except the main highways and rail tunnels in case the Main River barrier doesn’t hold.  He also went over plans to have all naval and coast guard ships on the West coast inspect every ship that approaches the safe zone and if anyone is infected they are to be separated from the rest and discreetly execute anyone or destroy any ship that is infected and the same goes for the Main River gates.  Michael then pulled out his communicator and said, “Law this is the captain, send in all data relating to zombie extermination and survival including Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide to the Vegians computers on these coordinates.”, Law said, “Yes sir.”, all of a sudden Carol entered the tent and told Michael they must get to the CDC in Lanta and help get all the diseases and cures out before the zombies get there and that stuff may hold any chance of finding a cure and Michael agreed and once they were dismissed they left.  They flew out in a non-prop small airplane and they looked out the side windows and saw large pacts of zombies approaching in the distance and there are military jets that made passes dropping bombs, firing missiles and made strafing runs in the hopes of thinning the large clumps of zombies or slowing them down while gunships and helos flew over what they believe is the front and flew around making strafing runs or their door gunners fired.  Carol said, “Do you believe there is any chance of these people surviving this madness?”, Michael said, “I don’t know.”, and their aircraft and the one behind them carrying the rest of the away team flew away from the approaching madness to Tall City.

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