The Valkyrie Chronicles: Conflict Z

Following the repelling of Cervello's Invasion the Challenger receives a distress call from the Vega System over a disease that is infecting the inhabitants of a region on the habitable planet. Michael and the crew of the Challenger were told it is a minor and curable disease but when they got there they witness something else.


1. 1

The Challenger and other starships grouped around various spots outside the Terra II system according to ships from their home planets or organizations as shuttles flew back and forth between ships trying to conduct repairs if they could.  Michael Valkyrie sat in his command chair straightening out his uniform when Gross said, “Too tight captain?”, Michael said, “No, I’m just use to wearing the other uniform.  Are the hanger doors repaired yet?”, Gross said, “In about a half hour sir, same goes to the VerKa.”, Law said, “Sir I’m receiving a transmission from Vega IX requesting medical assistance.”, Michael said, “Unfortunately we are not in shape for anymore missions till we finish repairs in dry dock.  Relay their message to command.”, Law said, “Aye sir.”, Michael turned to Petra and said, “Ms. Arkanian how is Commander Wiggin doing after this ordeal?”, Petra said, “Exhausted.  I even had a hard time trying to drag his but out of bed to have him go take a shower, let alone change his clothes!”, Michael said, “Do you want to know the quickest way to get him out of bed?”, she looked at him puzzled and he said, “Cherry bombs.”, some of the crew hid their laughter as Petra laughed before Law said, “Sir I have a message from Zhargosia Command.  They want us to head to Vega IX immediately and render medical assistance or any aide the inhabitants request.”, Michael turned and looked baffled and said, “US!  Do they know our situation?!”, Law said, “Yes sir, and they informed us when we reach orbit they will send a ship to continue repairs while we assisted the inhabitants.”, she paused as she touched her earpiece and said, “They are also informing us that the disease the inhabitants are suffering from is contained on one region of the planet and it is equivalent to a case of rabies.”, Michael sighed as he turned to Petra and said, “Engine status.”, Petra said, “Warp drive is operational only up to warp factor three.”, after a short pause Michael said, “Law, inform command that we will comply and we will proceed directly to Vega IX.”, Law said, “Yes sir.”, Gross said, “At least sir this is a case of rabies.  According to sick bay we have plenty of medicine to treat it and is a easy cure.”, Michael said, “Yea, thank goodness. Ms. Arkanian proceed to Vega IX warp factor two!”, Petra said, “Yes sir.”, Michael said, “Law open all channels to the rest of the ship.”, the Challenger (battle scarred and damaged) turned away from the rest of the fleet and went to warp leaving a blue warp trail.


    Michael walked down the hallway rubbing his face as he looked exhausted and felt hair on his cheeks as he sighed while crewmen passed him some carrying boxes or tools for the upcoming away mission as he walked into his and Chloe’s cabin and went straight to the bathroom and shaved not looking into the bedroom.  When he came out freshly shaved a voice said, “Seriously, you are just going to ignore me?”, and he looked to see Chloe wearing a pink robe lying on her right side facing him revealing one of her legs and Michael said, “Not really.  Just want to get rid of this caveman beard.”, Chloe said, “That’s a relief.”, and they both stared at each other as Chloe smiled and said, “We have a lot to make up for.”, and Michael said, “We sure do.”, and he pressed a button on a panel and the lights in the room dimmed.

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