The Valkyrie Chronicles: Cervello

The machines that Michael and his family escaped from that are trying to conquer the universe and exterminate all life have reached their galaxy. The fight for survival has begun.


8. 8

During this time Arsenal grabbed the Mech-Hulk’s neck and tried to pull its head off till Mech-Hulk began smashing his back against the left side wall till Arsenal lost his grip and Mech-Hulk grabbed his left shoulder and began smashing him on the floor till Arsenal pulled our his right wrists gatling guns and fired at him but Mech-Hulk raised its left arm as bullets bounced off him and Mech-Hulk threw him into the gallon the other side.  As it turned Arsenal tackled the Mech-Hulk to the floor and repeatedly  pounded on its chest and was just able to crack the plating when it kneed him on the left side of his face and he flew to the wall.  When the Mech-Hulk came charging at him Arsenal yelled, “KNOCKOUT!”, and summoning all his strength into his right hand Arsenal punched Mech-Hulk in the face so hard the Mech-Hulk flew right into the wall on the other side and a big crack formed from that point to 3/4’s of the way to the core.  Arsenal then roared and repeatedly punched the slow moving Mech-Hulk in the stomach and rib area making the whole room shake and sounded like an earthquake overtime he punched Mech-Hulk, then from the big hole in the wall a red energy beam hit Arsenal in the face and blew him back and the Mech-Hulk appeared, grabbed Arsenal’s left leg while he is on the floor and began pounding him on the floor like a rag doll making the room shake even more.  As he was being smashed to the floor heard in the distance in his mind Carrie crying and he imagined Carrie looking away from the main viewer as she buried her face on Chloe’s chest as she couldn’t bear to watch.  Arsenal’s eyes turned deep red and narrowed and he grabbed onto the Mech-Hulk’s right arm and screaming with anger as he tore the arm apart with his barehands as the Mech-Hulk tried shaking him off.


    Altron pushed both Michael’s arms away and he punched Michael really hard in the stomach making him fall on his knees and Altron grabbed him and threw him to the left and when Michael was able to get up Altron took both of his hands and punched him across the left side of his face and hit him directly on the back forcing Michael down.  Altron then twisted his left arm, stretched it parallel to the floor and with his right hand he hit Michael’s elbow full force and snapped his arm making Michael scream in pain.  Michael then grabbed Altron’s left ankle while Altron laughed and said, “Give up, I am better than you.”, and Michael twisted his left foot with a loud snap and Altron looked stunned as he fell and Michael got up, relocated his left arm and lifted Altron up in the air with his left hand by the throat as Altron looked in shock and said, “How?”, Michael said, “I am, special.”, and he slammed Altron to the floor.  Altron fired a burst of energy from his face as it quickly transformed throwing Michael back and as he got up Michael punched him in the face left and right throwing Altron’s head side to side but Altron punched him hard in the stomach sending him flying to the wall.  Altron then ran up to him and repeatedly punched him in the ribs till Michael started spitting out blood and he used both his hands and repeatedly punched both sides of Altron’s head but to no effect.  Altron then threw him and grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up in the air as he started to crush his neck and he said, “You think you are the only special project Cervello created?  Cervello found out about this Ultron program this Tony Stark has created but is unable to start the program and Cervello was able to hack into his plans and was able to copy it and create me, only better.”, alarms were going off in Michael’s vision as it displayed all his internal systems either failing or critically damaged and Altron said, “We know about your wife and your daughter.”, and Michael looked at him with growing anger and Altron said, “Once I kill you Cervello will do what we once did to you and see if we can make more of you, but more obedient.”, as he held Altron’s hand as he tried to break free he squeezed his right hand harder as he screamed in anger and there were metal groans as Altron looked surprised as he saw his wrist being crushed till his hand opened and once Michael was free he flipped in the air and fell back kicking Altron’s head and he fell to the floor.


    Arsenal tore off Mech-Hulk’s right arm as he fell and when Arsenal looked up he saw the Mech-Hulk grabbed where is right arm was and he watched as liquid metal appeared from its body and it built it a new arm. Arsenal groaned and then he charged at it and rammed it to the wall and he began pounding it till it hit him across the face and Arsenal flew away from the impact.  When it came after him Arsenal roared as he slammed both his fists to the floor making the room shake again and large cracks emerged from where his fists hit and spread to where the Mech-Hulk is and its right foot stuck in one of the cracks and it fell with its leg stuck.  Arsenal then slammed both his forearms and his arms transformed to reveal two gatling guns with an automatic shotgun in between the barrels and the song “Long Tall Sally” by Little Richard played and both Michael, Altron and Mech-Hulk looked confused till Arsenal fired a stream of bullets from the gatling guns that ripped through the Mech-Hulk shredding his metal skin and the automatic shotguns fired in sequence to the 1,000 round a minute shooting and blasted apart the Mech-Hulk throwing chunks of metal and hydraulic fluid all over the place as Michael and Altron took cover as bullets bounced all over the place.  Michael and Altron just starred at Arsenal as he roared with delight (as if to some people he looked crazy) till he stopped firing and the Mech-Hulk fell on its back with multiple small and large holes throughout its body and chunks of it blown out as well as its red eyes went out.  


    Michael and Altron looked at Mech-Hulk’s corpse in bewilderment and back up at Arsenal as he looked back at them, smiled and said, “Is this right song?”, Michael gave a “not so sure” expression and said, “Sort of.”, and all of a sudden Arsenal vanished and he reappeared in engineering surprising the engineers as he showed up with his guns still drawn and Michael turned to Altron but faced a blast of energy that hit his chest throwing him back and Altron was already on top of him and put Michael in a headlock and Altron said, “You were special, but now you are a relic.  Since you betrayed us we developed four prototypes that are more powerful and better than you and we found something that is more unique and better than all of us and we kept it just the way it is.”, then six large capsules appeared on the forward right wall each one with a name labeled: 01-Crusher (a T-70 like body but all silver and its body is bigger and is shaped more like a muscle-man except the head), 02-Toxicon (a T-500 like body but has a dark green color, arms have built-in tube went with no hands and its body is covered with armor plating), 03-Lizardo (razor sharp teeth with red lizard like eyes and three fingered claws and a tail, has green scales with small sharp spikes protruding from its back), 04-Scorpio (body covered with a bone like structure except its head and its spine is detachable to make on e whip tail weapon choosing different kinds) and 05-Serenity (looks exactly like Michael  except it has longer hair down just past its shoulders), and Altron said, “Now you see your legacy, and now you will die.”, on the Challenger the bridge crew was watching this and Chloe was on the verge of tears when Law received a message from Ender and she relayed the message to Gross telling her Ender is running out of Iron Defenders and he cannot hold the machines back for long and Gross told Law to have him hold on for another five minutes and Ender responded that he is not sure but he will do it. Then they heard Michael crying out as Altron tried to rip his head off and Chloe cried silently while back on the moon size ship Michael sensed Chloe’s feelings and he turned from crying in pain to making growling and grunting noises and as he held Altron’s right arm and he began pulling it away till he suddenly snapped his arm and threw him away slamming into the far wall.  Michael then heard a noise as if something was powering up and he looked at the core to see it grew brighter blue and a voice said, “Nucleus Bomb activated.  Enemy fleets and Terra II system will be destroyed in t minus one minute.”, Michael started walking up to the core till Altron stood up and transformed his face and fired an energy beam only for Michael to leap forward and grasped an upside down large diamond in the core and a blue beam of energy engulfed his right and left arm and he aimed his left at Altron and screamed as the beam fired and hit Altron dead center and he screamed as he looked up and yelled, “THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!  IMPOSSIBLE!”, and Michael said, “You, are decommissioned.”, and Michael accessed Altron’s systems and Altron spontaneously fired an energy beam at the ceiling over him and when it exploded it caused a cave-in engulfing Altron in debris as he screamed.

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