The Valkyrie Chronicles: Cervello

The machines that Michael and his family escaped from that are trying to conquer the universe and exterminate all life have reached their galaxy. The fight for survival has begun.


7. 7

Alton tackled Michael and he rammed him to the wall, before Altron can deal a punch Michael head butted him and Michael yelped in pain as it didn’t affect Altron but he dodged Altron’s punch to his face while he elbowed him under his chin with his left elbow and he shoved Altron away while he pulled out a large knife from his side and slashed Altron across the body and Altron looked shocked.  On the Challenger’s bridge the crew cheered as Michael cut Altron and Gross smirked.  Michael then went after Altron and swung his knife down but Altron blocked it with his right arm and it took no damage and Altron said, “My arms are specially made to block your attacks.”, he then pushed Michael away and punched him in the right rib and kicked Michael between the legs and he flew up in the air and Altron’s face transformed and he fired an energy blast from his face that made Michael flew back and fell to the floor.  When Michael got back up Altron flew at him and kicked him in the face knocking him down to the floor again, he then grabbed Michael, threw him up in the air and right elbowed his chest making Michael hit the floor hard.  Michael then sound his knife knocking both Altron’s arms back and he kicked him in the chest with his right foot and he repeatedly swung at Altron but Altron kept blocking while he is being pushed back until Altron fired and energy blast from his face into Michael’s face and Michael flew back and hit the wall and Altron’s face transformed back the way it was.  Michael then rolled away as Altron planted his foot where Michael’s stomach would have been and Michael made a deep gash mark on Altron’s right lower leg and he jumped and flipped in the air till he landed behind Altron and he turned right and made another slash this time on Altron’s back and Altron yelped in anger and he turned right to elbow Michael but he ducked and stabbed Altron in the stomach but Altron kicked him back and took his knife in the process and Michael watched as Altron’s hand turned red and the knife melted.  As Arsenal charged after Mech-Hulk he punched him hard in the stomach but it only pushed Mech-Hulk back and Mech-Hulk grabbed Arsenal and threw him to the right side almost hitting the wall.  Arsenal and Mech-Hulk then went after each other dealing hard and thundering blows with their fists till Arsenal was able to throw Mech-Hulk off his feet and he fell on his back as Arsenal grabbed his right foot and spun him a few times before throwing Mech-Hulk to the other end of the dome just hitting his head to the wall.  Arsenal then flexed his arms down and made a loud roar and ran after Mech-Hulk and just after it got up Arsenal repeatedly punched Mech-Hulk in the ribs and stomach hard making it grunt and groan until it slipped Arsenal away with its left hand and Arsenal hit the wall.  Mech-Hulk then charged at him with both hands up in and attempt to crush Arsenal, but then Arsenal charged at Mech-Hulk’s right leg, tripping it and then hot on its back and performed a headlock while Mech-Hulk lumbered in circles trying to grab him.


    Michael tackled Altron around the waist and threw him over his head and slammed his back on the floor and Michael jumped and was about to plant his left elbow on Altron’s face till Altron flipped up and kicked Michael on the left temple sending him to the wall.  As Altron was getting up Michael spun his left leg and tripped him and when he got up he grabbed Altron on both ends, lifted him over his head and threw him till he hit the wall on his back and fell.  Michael then ran and jumped in there air with his right leg out and kicked Altron in the face when he got up and into the wall.  Michael then kicked Altron in the face and chest with both his left and right feet till Altron tripped him and tried crushing Michael with his right foot till Michael rolled right and got up and started punching the left side of Altron’s head like it was a punching bag.  Alton then threw a punch with his right hand to Michael’s face but he end up hitting the wall as Michael flipped over him and grabbed Altron’s right arm and when Michael landed he put his left hand on Altron’s right shoulder, twisted his arm after hitting the wall and almost broke his arm till Altron was able to kick him in the stomach sending him back and Altron jumped in the air and kicked Michael multiple times in the chest and he spun and kicked Michael on the left side of his face.  Alton then quickly transformed his face and fired a solid beam of energy at Michael sending him flying to the wall on the other side and tried to bury/destroy him within side the ship till a solid beam of red energy pierced through Altron’s beam and hit Altron in the face and he stopped firing and turned away.  Michael appeared through the smoke and sparks with half his uniform ruined and punched Altron in the back of the head and Altron fell to the floor before Michael grabbed him, lifted him up and repeatedly punched him in the face really hard with both his fists and for every punch Altron’s face appeared to be dented inwards or small metal pieces were being torn off.

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