The Valkyrie Chronicles: Cervello

The machines that Michael and his family escaped from that are trying to conquer the universe and exterminate all life have reached their galaxy. The fight for survival has begun.


5. 5

Michael said (sarcasticlly), “Hey Char, what took you so long?!”, Char said, “I can barely hear the noise you and your comrades are making so it took awhile.”, and they both laughed.  Once the Zanzibar II class ship finished landing its side doors opened and troops wearing red uniforms that are cladded like knights in the Medieval times came rushing out and had red and black shields with the Neo Zeon crest on them and they carried long rifles that are like muskets with them and Char told Michael that the ballistic missile ships are outside the battle zone and are waiting for the word to fire their missiles and obliterate Cervello and Michael told him that they will have to wait till the moon size ship is destroyed and they will use the confusion to get out and then they can fire their missiles and hope they destroy them once and for all.  Michael then moved out with the troops and he told them they are heading to the shaft and they ran forward yelling with joy shooting and swinging their rifles (that are apparently made to also be used as blunt objects) at the machines.  Even some of the soldiers threw the machines out of the way or kicked them and Michael flew around and punched and kicked them as well including firing his repulsers blasting holes through dozens of M machines till all of a sudden he was tackled and slammed his back up against the side of a structure creating a deep imprint.  He groaned as he stood up and Gross said, “Captain are you alright?!”, Michael said, “Yea, just got my ass tackled.”, and he heard someone approaching and he looked up to see Titanium Man and he said, “The era of man is over.  The era of the machines captain has begun.”, and Michael said, “In your sick twisted mind jackass.”, and he flew straight a him and tackled him but he pulled Michael up and there him against the side of a building.  Michael got back up but Titanium Man jumped/flew at him and punched him in the face.  Michael clasped his hands together and punched him underneath his chin and began hitting his head to the wall.  Titanium Man pulled free but Michael spun in the air and kicked him in the chest, he then grabbed him and flew him against another building but then Titanium Man brought both his hands up and hit him directly on the spine knocking him down to the ground.  Before he could grab Michael a Zeon Knight tackled him and tried punching him in the face but to no avail and Titanium Man just punched him in the gut and slammed his head against the wall and threw him to the side.


    Michael screamed in anger and charged at Titanium Man and tackled him before he grabbed him by the face and flipped him over his shoulder and slammed his back to the ground and began repeatedly punching Titanium Man in chest causing his armor to start caving in and a M machine came from behind and started to aim his plasma rifle till a soldier yelled, “Watch out!”, and Michael turned and ducked as the machine fired and the same soldier fired from behind Michael and Titanium Man and blasted it on the chest.  Then all of a sudden Titanium Man screamed and he stood up and threw both of them to the side before starting to descend on Michael but Michael fired his rockets and flipped over him and as Titanium Man turned around Michael repeatedly punched him in the face pushing him towards the shaft.  Michael then blocked his right kick and Titanium Man then spun and tried kicking him again but Michael also blocked that as well and punched him in the face and double kicked him in the back.  Titanium Man then pulled out a bladed in his left forearm without Michael noticing and when Michael tried to grab him in the back collar to throw him in the shaft Titanium Man turned and stabbed Michael through his left forearm with the blade in his left forearm and retracted it.  The suit notified Michael that his left forearm and hand are not functioning and both oil and hydraulic fluid are leaking.  As Michael pulled away and clasped his arm Titanium Man laughed and said, “So you can be hurt after all.”, and Titanium Man ran/jump and kicked Michael in the face sending him flying back a few feet and when he fell on his back his helmet popped off and Titanium Man laughed.  As they saw Michael fell some of the soldiers tried attacking Titanium Man and he fired his reposers on three of them till one soldier tackled him and another grabbed his arms behind his back.  Michael (dizzy) was able to witness as the soldiers tried dragging Titanium Man to the shaft but then Titanium Man was able to grab hold of one of the soldier’s head behind him and twisted it.  Once he fell Titanium Man was about to strike another soldier’s back that was holding on to him till another soldier knocked his comrade aside and another soldier jumped in with his long rifle but Titanium Man blocked it as he swung and fired a repulser at him in the face.  Another soldier did the same but he is repulsed as well as a few soldiers then fired their rifles at him but Titanium Man enclosed himself and gathered enough energy and he fired a massive repulser that knocked all the soldiers down around him.


    Michael then was able to kneel and Titanium Man said, “You decide to give up and beg for mercy?”, and Michael looked up and said, “Talking to me?”, and he rand and punched with all his might into his stomach with his right hand then he flew and kicked him on the right side of his face, punched him again in the ribs with his left then kicked him straight in the face with his left foot, flipped and kicked him below the chin and again tried to punch him with his right hand till Titanium Man grabbed it and pulled Michael to him and grabbed his left arm as well.  He then slammed his forehead to Michael’s face making his nose bleed and Michael planted his feet on top of his and engaged the locking clamps crushing Titanium Man’s feet and he screamed in both pain and rage and he began punching harder on Michael’s chest and face and Michael grabbed hold of him and Titanium Man asked why is he holding on to him so closely and Michael nodded down and when he looked he saw he is at the edge of the shaft and when he looked back up and shocked Michael smiled beneath his helmet.  Michael then ejects himself from the suit and says, “This is where you fall!”, and the suit fires its rockets down and Titanium Man falls down the shaft screaming and Michael pulls out a trigger looking down the shaft and when Titanium looks up at Michael he yells, “NOOOO!”,  and Michael presses it and the suit explodes engulfing Titanium Man in flames.  He then started walking away pulling out his communicator and told Arsenal to send another and then Titanium Man appeared out of the flames and smoke that came out of the shaft covered with burn and damage marks all over its armor with some exposed wiring that sparks issued forth and is just able to hold himself up with the repulsers on his hands.  He then told Michael that he is lucky this time but next time he will kill him with his bare hands and he flew away as he struggled.  One of the soldiers came up to Michael and asked  if he is okay and Michael said yeas and the soldier asked what does he want them to do now and Michael told him to get the rest of the soldiers and head either back to their transports and that is when a new Iron suit (all black except the face mask that is all silver) and as the soldiers started to make a fighting retreat Michael walked up to the edge of the shaft and said to himself, “Here we go.”, and he fell and fired his repulsers and flew inside the shaft to the heart of the ship.

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