The Valkyrie Chronicles: Cervello

The machines that Michael and his family escaped from that are trying to conquer the universe and exterminate all life have reached their galaxy. The fight for survival has begun.


3. 3

Ender went to Chloe and told her to wake up, when she did come to she told Ender about the fuel cells and she saw the enhanced machine coming up right behind Ender and she pushed Ender away and just dodged the enhanced machine.  Chloe then grabbed it and threw it away from Ender and had it facing her, and the machine said, “You think you can stop me?”, Chloe said and smiled, “Lets find out.”, and the enhanced machine ran towards her (while Chloe slips on her brass knuckles) and Chloe smiled and ducked his first blow and punched him in the back of the head and kicked him in the butt sending him sprawling to the ground.  She then punched him in the face with her brass knuckle but he grabbed her in the crotch and collar and threw her back to the other end against the wall before he quickly ran up, grabbed her by the throat with both hands and began choking her.  She tried punching back but his head was out of reach and she started to pass out until she saw a power cable dangling that was sparking and she grabbed it with her right hand and when she tried to put it to the enhanced machine’s face on his left side he grabbed her hand and she kept pushing the cable closer to his face as she tried to kept herself from passing out and suddenly electrical bolts issued forth from the cable to his face even when the cable wasn’t touching him and he screamed in pain and agony and lost his grip with her and he fell back covering his face as he fell to his knees.  Suddenly a booming voice said, “Hey tin can!”, the machine (the left side of his face was burnt and partially melted) and Chloe looked up to see the VerKa standing overhead with its beam cannon pointing down the shaft where the large cables lead down and the enhanced machine screamed, “NOOOOO!”, and Chloe dematerialized before the VerKa fired its beam cannon and a bolt of green light issued forth down the shaft towards the distant light and the VerKa raised its right arm and the Challenger flew directly overhead very fast and the VerKa grasped one of the cables and was yanked off the moon size ship as the Challenger flew away leaving an angered enhanced machine behind with the rest of the starships already moved away as the Challenger flew with the VerKa hanging on with ease by its right hand when the moon size ship exploded in a ball of light and Ender had the VerKa cover its eyes from the light when all of a sudden the Challenger was knocked on its left side by the shockwave from the explosion and the Challenger flew out of control with the VerKa losing its grip on the cable and was hurtled into space away from the ship while onboard everyone was thrown in the air except the patients and Chloe in sickbay as they were tied down in bed with restraints and Crow fell on top of Carol and she yelled, “Get your metal ass off of me!”, and he looked back a little hurt.


    In the explosion various Cervello ships surrounding the moon size ship that tried to get away were either exploded or were consumed by the flames and raining debris.  All the machines and ships that were elsewhere stopped attacking and looked as if someone was speaking to them and they looked in the direction where the Challenger is and began heading towards it.  The Challenger continued to spin as the bridge was banked to the side and Petra fought the controls till the bridge rightened itself and the Challenger stopped.  Everyone got up and resumed their seats including Michael and he said, “Damage report!”, there was a loud crash noise as if someone slammed into a wall really hard and the bridge shook and an alarm went off and Law said, “Sir more machines are boarding the ship through the hanger bay!”, Michael then told her to make an announcement for all personnel to arm themselves and repel any machines that are boarding or in sight.  Gross said, “Sir I have the Enterprise and five other Federation starships closing in our position and it looks like all of Cervello is coming right at us!”, in the hallways around the ship crewmen formed teams and as the M machines were spreading from the hanger bay throughout the rest of the ship the crew and security teams fired a barrage of handheld and phaser rifle fire at them and are able to destroy many of them but they still kept on walking down the hallways firing their plasma rifles ignoring the phaser fire at them and kept pushing the crew back.  In sickbay Crow and Carol heard the fire outside and the cries of the crewmen being shot at and many of them entered sick bay with one yelling, “SEAL THE FUCKING DOORS!  THEY’RE COMING!”, and Crow pushed the buttons on the control panel by the doors and they closed with a locking sound and helped the crewmen pile desks and other loose and heavy items up against the doors and they stood back when everything was dead silent outside.  All of a sudden there was a loud bang and the improvised barrier shook as the bang continued.  In engineering someone of the crewmen were thrown down the shaft of the warp core while the rest of engineering were fighting off M machines at random places throughout engineering with Arsenal howling as he grabbed each one and threw them against bulkheads, down the shaft or in one instance smashed through the glass elevator like they were toy dolls.  On the bridge everyone armed their phasers and Malon yelled out they have entered the turbo lift shaft and Michael ordered both turbo lifts leading to the bridge sealed and not soon after he said that the station right behind his chair exploded and through the hole the M machines started entering the bridge.  Michael stood up and fired his phaser repeatedly like it was a machine gun and shot through and destroyed multiple machines but they kept on coming and as the rest of the bridge crew fired their phasers Malon pulled out a hatchet from beneath her console and once one of the machines made it through she hacked its head off in one stroke as it approached her and she pulled out her other one and began repeatedly hacking others as they came pouring in.  In the meantime Carrie coward in a corner in her and Arsenal’s quarters while outside there was loud blaster fire noises and screaming crews while she covered her ears and silently cried trying to block out the noises till suddenly the door to their quarters exploded inward and two M machines entered.  She looked terrified but remained quiet hoping they won’t see her but to no avail when both of them looked directly at her with their red glowing eyes.  One walked up and grabbed one of her arms and began dragging her away while Carrie tried to resist but couldn’t overcome their intense strength as she screamed both in fear an anger till suddenly she opened her eyes and they turned solid black and she looked up at them in a snarling anger look while they looked down at her and one was about to hit her with the butt of its rifle.


    There was a loud echoing scream throughout the ship and some of the crew and on the bridge covered their ears including Michael while in Carrie and Arsenal’s cabin the two M machines were blown back and before they hit the bulkhead in the opposite end of the room they were disintegrated while outside some of the machines fell down as their CPU chips were fried during her scream.  She stood up and walked out as if in a trance in the middle of a firefight in the hallway and Carrie raised her hands and screamed again and all the M machines in the hallway were either blown back or disintegrated till the hallway was littered with machine parts or CPU fried limped bodies.  She made her way towards engineering and repeated the same process when she turned down the next hallway except when she screamed the invisible wave of destruction continued past the hallway and made a clear path towards engineering where Arsenal is located and while Arsenal was still throwing the machines around with one clinging to his back and tried to dig through his smaller back with blood from his synthetic skin running down his back he heard her scream and looked at the entrance and saw the machines being blown or disintegrated parts flying towards him.  He grabbed the nearest console and as the wave blew over him he noticed he wasn’t affected at all but the machine on his back was pulled away as it was ripped away leaving its hands and forearms still on Arsenal’s back and it fell down the shaft and the engineering crew looked confused as they were not affected as well but they ducted and watched as the machines were blown over them and either fell down the shaft or were sucked out into other hallways outside engineering.  Arsenal got up and looked around at the destruction and walked outside of engineering to see more destroyed machines littering the hallway and he saw Carrie walking towards him like she is in a trance and he said, “Carrie?”, she stopped and her eyes changed back to normal as she looked at Arsenal and she said, “Arnie?”, and she fell but Arsenal was just able to catch her in his arms and cradled her as he sat on the floor stroking her hair as he made a quick scan and found out she just passed out and he said, “You did enough, love.”, and he heard the sound of footfalls and he looked up to see more M machines but then they suddenly stopped in front of him before he stood and they just stood there staring directly ahead.  The same occurred throughout the ship even on the bridge when the machines were able to push Michael and the rest of the bridge crew back halfway through the bridge when they suddenly stopped moving and Michael and the rest of the crew stared in disbelief as the machines turned and left as they climbed down the turbo lift shafts and outside the transports flew back away from the ship as the rest of Starfleet and Zhargosia descended and blew apart some of the transport ships as they continued to move back and the rest of the Cervello turned and continued attacking the rest of the fleets.

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