The Valkyrie Chronicles: Cervello

The machines that Michael and his family escaped from that are trying to conquer the universe and exterminate all life have reached their galaxy. The fight for survival has begun.


1. 1

When they rematerialized Michael, Chloe and Gabriel noticed they were in the transporter room onboard the Challenger but no one is around.  Chloe said, “What is this, and what happened?”, Michael said as they stood up, “It’s called a transporter room and it’s a long story.”, Gabriel said, “But who transported us up if not...”, the door slid open and Ender Wiggin entered and stood before them and said, “Captain I’m sorry but me and Petra stole the Challenger from dry dock to come to your aide.”, Michael and Gabriel looked at him in shock while Chloe looked at him confused and Michael said, “You and Petra alone operated an entire ship all by yourselves?”, Ender said, “Yes sir, and we are surrendering command back to you.”, he then kneeled and had his hands out as if to be cuffed and said, “But I ordered Petra to come and I take full responsibility for my actions.”, Gabriel and Chloe looked at Michael in shock when he waved his hand and said, “No Ender, I need both you and Petra to make sure we head back and...”, Petra’s voice, “Commander Wiggin is the captain aboard?!”, Michael went behind the transporter console and Petra’s face appeared on the display board and Michael said, “I am Lt. Commander.”, Petra said, “Sir two Constitution class starships are approaching and are demanding to beam aboard!”, Michael said, “Then do as they said and tell them I am waiting for them.”, Petra said, “Yes sir!”, Chloe looked even more confused and said, “Wait a minute you’re telling me these teenagers alone drove this ship and have officer rank?!”, Ender said, “Ms. Valkyrie I am 20 and Petra is 21.  You know we are special.”, Michael intervened and said, “She doesn’t remember, it’s complicated.”, and Ender looked confused and Michael said, “I think we should wait till they beam aboard and everything is settled down before we discuss this further.”, and the transporter went active and Starfleet Security red shirts materialized with their phasers drawn and Michael and the others raised their hands when they stepped off.


    The Challenger remained in orbit around a dead rock like planet with two Constitution class starships (the USS Constellation and the Potemkin) surrounding her and the USS Ptolemy orbiting below as shuttles flew back and forth to the Challenger’s hanger all the while Michael sat up in bed with Chloe lying her head on his lap as she tried to sleep while Michael stroke her head and she said, “After eight hours I’m starting to get really bored.  Is this what its like being onboard a starship?”, Michael said, “No.  There is more excitement than this.  Have you read all the files on your sisters and everyone else?”, Chloe said, “I think you already know the answer since you know me that much.”, Michael chuckled and said, “I know, just making sure so I don’t have to be the one to catch you when you pass out.”, Chloe glared at him and said, “You think...”, the door opened and a red shirt Starfleet security officer walked in and said, “Captain Valkyrie, your presence is required in the conference room.”, Michael got up out of bed and put on his boots and red jacket before heading out with Chloe as he eyed the security officer and he allowed her to come as well.  When the door opened they saw Gabriel, Ender, Petra, Arsenal, Crow, Carrie and the rest of the bridge officers and Michael glanced to his side to see Chloe was a little shocked but tried to remain calm even as Carol said in her normal dreary tone, “Welcome back sis.”, and Chloe smiled and nodded before they saw a grey haired Starfleet Admiral interjected and said, “Sit down, this is not a family reunion and we have a lot to discuss.”, they all sat down and Michael expected what the Admiral is going to say but instead he said, “After what I have heard and read the reports of what has happened we are now facing a crisis that we will deal with this situation later if we are all still alive.”, Michael and Chloe looked confused as they looked around to see everyone else either looked concerned or to Michael’s surprise saw Gabriel’s face looked pale and Michael said, “Brother, you look pale!”, the admiral said, “That’s because Cervello is about to invade our galaxy.”, and Michael stared back at the admiral with a blank expression.  The admiral went into further detail and told them that both the Federation and Zhargosia amassed all their ships with Zhargosia even bringing their newly built Battlestars with the help of a newly explored system the inhabitants called The Twelve Colonies and sent their own Battlestars to help as well.  The admiral explained further that Cervello will entire the galaxy below the Terra II system since according to probes the galactic barrier is weakest at that point.  Michael said, “I need Commander Wiggin to pilot the VerKa to lead the Iron Defenders on the Challenger.”, the admiral contained his frustration and said, “Granted.”, Ender said, “Who is the commander of all the mobile suits and Iron Defenders?”, the admiral said, “We don’t have an overall commander.  They will all be commanded by their own ships.”, Ender said, “It will be best to have a Battle Commander on the field.  If we left them in command to each individual ship then it will leave multiple gaps in the field for this Cervello to exploit, plus if there are gaps or any ships that are in trouble the commander will be able to deploy his or her resources to plug the gap and render aid, and if we are able to launch an offensive to push them back we need a Battle Commander to direct all them in a combined effort.”, Michael spoke quietly to Ender on the side and said, “There is no Battle Commander rank in Starfleet or Zhargosia.”, but Ender kept looking at the admiral as he glared at Ender and he eventually said in a loathing tone, “We’ll look into that.”, and the meeting was adjourned and they all left for their stations.


    Ender was all suited up and was about to enter the cockpit when someone called out, “Yo Ender!”, he looked back puzzled and saw Michael walking up and put his hand on his shoulder and he said, “You okay.”, Ender looked even more confused and said, “Yes, why?”, Michael said, “Just want to make sure you don’t worry about yourself and Petra when you are out there.”, Ender said, “You’re talking about the incident on Terra II?”, Michael said, “Yes.”, Ender stepped off the cockpit and said, “I don’t want to end up where if we do defeat Cervello we will be treated as heroes and then be thrown in prison just because of what happened before.”, Michael grabbed Ender by the shoulders and said, “Ender, don’t worry.  I’ll take care of it, plus if they still decide to come after you and Petra I know someone that will take care of both of you and neither Starfleet or Zhargosia will dare come after you at that point.  If we survive.”, Ender said, “You still think Cervello will defeat us?”, Michael said, “You mean exterminate?  Yeah, cause before I left every star system that was within our grasp was consumed one way or another and so far no one has ever stopped them because they keep on coming till the defenders are exhausted.”, Ender said, “I hope they are not the same when you last saw them.”, Michael said, “I highly doubt it, but I hope you’re right.”, after Ender entered the cockpit the VerKa exited the hanger bay and flew out in space above the Challenger surrounded by Iron Defenders from the ship and Ender looked around to see other mobile suits including multiple platoons of RGM’s and a sea of Iron Defenders surrounding the mobile suits and starships as well as seeing shuttles from other starships with improvised fitted phaser or blaster weapons attached to the hull of the shuttles either below or to the sides of the cockpits as they waited for the coming attack.  It did not take long when Law told Michael that they have made contact with multiple ships and they are not trying to hide their presence and Michael said, “Put it on main viewer.”, and the screen showed large steel lit floating pyramids and cities surrounded by an endless number of two or four engined exposed fighters fitted either with a single or twin barreled blaster turrets in the front and the city like ships are ringed with various forms of blaster or laser cannons and Law said, “Sir I have Fleet Admiral Jekins on all channels.”, Michael said, “Put him on.”, and through the intercom the admiral said, “To all Federation and Zhargosian ships and mobile suits, commence attack.  I repeat, commence attack.  Do not stop till all of the galactic invaders are destroyed, good luck.”, and the battle against Cervello has begun.

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