An Unbreakable Romance

Ella Ackerman is a tall, pretty and insecure, your average English girl. But she becomes a lot less average when she meets her soulmate in Colorado. He's not just any boy though, he's a famous snowboarder. But there love is threatened by his ex girlfriend when she moves into town and her twin brother not wanting them to be together. Will they ever get the unbreakable love the deserve?


1. ✈️

I got off of the plane feeling dizzy.

I made my way over to the luggage carousel in the airport.

After 16 years of living in England I've found my family.

After 16 years I've found my twin.

After 5 minutes I found my suitcase.

I wheeled my suitcase around lost looking at cards.

Maisie Hart. Not my name.

Chloe Holbin. No.

Dylan Grace. No.

Sam Puttock. No.

Ella Ackerman. That's me!

I ran over to the sign where a blonde lady held her arms out to give me a hug.

The lady: Ella

Me: Mum?

Mum: Yes honey.

Me: I've found you.

Mum: We've found you. Ok it's only 2:30 would you like to go home freshen up and pick up your brother and sister?

Me yes. Yes I do.

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