An Unbreakable Romance

Ella Ackerman is a tall, pretty and insecure, your average English girl. But she becomes a lot less average when she meets her soulmate in Colorado. He's not just any boy though, he's a famous snowboarder. But there love is threatened by his ex girlfriend when she moves into town and her twin brother not wanting them to be together. Will they ever get the unbreakable love the deserve?


6. Incomparable

Later that day mum pointed out that I need school supplies so we went shopping. Abbie and I went for school stuff. Max went to Sports Direct and Alvin went to Boots to get toiletries.

Me: Ok this is my dream shop.

I say walking in to Tiger . I head straight for the pencil cases so I have an idea of how much I need.

Abbie showed me the mini note pads and I feel in love.

After we walked through heaven and got to Gods Checkout we all got lunch at subway. We were SOOO late for the bus we had to wait for Mum and Dad to finish work before we got a ride home. Abbie wanted to go window shopping so we ended up buying the whole shopping centre. We got to Primark when Max ducked behind the 3 of us.

Me: Max what are you doing?

Max: Nothing just keep me hidden.

I noticed that he was staring at the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

She walked over to us and said "hey baby to Max!"

Max: Hey Harriet.

Me: excuse me who do you think you are?

Al: Ella?

Harriet: I happen to be his girlfriend.

Me: no I....... Know for a fact Max is single.

Harriet: well you don't know anything.

Max: Quick question. What are you doing here?

Harriet: Oh, Daddy has bought a new home here in Colorado. We're moving in on Friday 13th of October.

Me: Great date bitch.

Harriet: What did you just call me?

Me: I called you Harriet slut.

Harriet: ok, I know you're British and you don't know what it's like to have amazing taste in everything but there's no need to act like Max's gf. Max come on let's not hang around with these common people. And we can talk about what you're going to get me when I move. Omg we can hang out all the time!

She dragged Max away.

Abbie: I don't like her ATALL. Alvin, Ella we need to get Max back from that fake-blonde shedevil.

After the hour trek home in the cold, in the snow, Max was sitting on his phone with hot chocolate in MY favourite chair.

Me:*storms over to him* how dare you be so selfish. I actually can't believe you went of with that Harriet girl. She is so fake and to tell me that I had no taste because I'm British. That.... BITCH!

Max: I can't believe you think that I actually like her. She dragged me off and then gave me a ride home. I said no but she pushed me in the car. I don't like her and I'm sorry you had to walk home but that's not my problem!

Me: FML. What is your problem*runs up to my room*.

I skipped dinner and went to sleep. Then I woke up hearing someone come into my room.

Me: who is it?

Them: it's max please just let me talk.

Me: ugh go ahead then.

Max: I'm sorry I shouldn't have gone of with her but Ella I couldn't do anything then she acted like we were still dating I feel so guilty.

Me: I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have been so mad at you. I was just jealous...

Max: of what?

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