Two Bears of A Kind

Two bears that didn't know who belonged together, until they found one another.


1. Once Upon A Time...

Once upon time there was a blue bear that never thought she would find her other half. Her name was Sophia. She always had a piece of a heart that was never whole. Without the other half, she felt incomplete. Every day, she searched throughout the two-story patio, looking for that other piece. Each night ended with her crying till her furr was stained with salted tears. And every morning, she woke up with a new found hope to find the other piece. One day, she decided to search the outside world, knowing of the creatures that roamed the foreign world she never dared to venture off to. Grass covered every square feet of the lawn, and she had no idea how to cross such a long distance. But she had no choice, she wanted to find her other half. It was what she had to do.


"I can do this, I know I can."


After hours and hours of crossing layeres of grass, covering her furr with mud, bugs, and grass blades; she finally reached the other side of the backyard. There lied a fence far too high to climb for such a small-stuffed bear, gazing across the fence, she found a crack just big enough to squeeze through. Because of that rigged fencing, she ripped her furr on her belly, causing her stuffing inside to spill out. Ignoring her condition, she scurried across the sidewalk that led to a street sign intersection. Across the sidewalk, was a little girl playing her dollies. She spun around, spinning her toys with her. Accidently, tossing her doll across the road. Because of that, the girl quickly ran across the street, reaching for the doll. That's when she noticed the bear. The girl picked up her doll as well as the bear, walking back to her side of the street. The girl had a curious expression that made the bear think. "What is she thinking?"


Clouds above them started to darken, as rain drops poured down on the girl. She ran inside as fast as she could, trying to carry all her toys in her arms. She managed to make it into her bedroom, where all her toys lied on the floor. Her bedroom had pink everywhere, and she had everything princess related. The girl asked her mom to fix the bear. After washing and stitching up the bear, the mom handed the bear to the girl. The girl smiled, hugging the bear tight, when the bear noticed something. Across the room was a bear just like her, but instead of being blue, she was pink. In her hand, was half a heart, just like her. The blue bear couldn't believe it. She wasn't alone anymore.


The girl walked over to the pink bear, and gently placed the blue bear next to her. She was alone, until finally, she found her other half.

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