The Black Wolf

Just something i came up with


1. Night Shadows

                   I walk from school since I missed the bus and had to help a friend with homework.Thing is I stayed longer then I wanted so now I am running late for supper.I pull out my phone texting my parents I'm going to be late before sliding it back in my pocket.

                   I look around as I got a strange feeling of being followed.But not on the sidewalk behind me ,more of to the side from the trees.I see a shadow and a low growl as I stopped to look and two Blue eyes looked back at me with a low growl.

                   Panic filled me as I ran as fast as I can home and at the same time hearing multiple steps and pants behind me but every time I looked back I only saw the shadows. My house loomed in the distance. Am I even getting closer. I thought to myself.

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