Becoming the New Boy?? or Girl??

This is all about me...
Who I am...
What happend to me...
And what I do everyday and how i feel inside


3. Living In Fear!

Do you see that girl over there >>> she cries in her sleep

See that girl over there >>> she feels like a boy trapped in a girl

See that girl >>>> she feels unwanted by so many

See that girl >>>> she will never know who she is but she knows who she loves

See that girl >>>> she calls herself fat and ugly

See that girl >>>> she starves herself to get skinny for all

See that girl >>>> only one person knows her heart knows who she is knows that leaving her is bad

That girl... is me

The girl who cries at night

The girl boy

The want unwanted

The one who feels unloved my many

The one who says me fat and ugly

The one who starves themselves so much

The one who has on person always there for them

That person I feel is Mason

He means so much to me!!

I love him so much...

And I wish I could prove that I might never know who I am inside

But I guess this story will explain allllllllllllll of me

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