Becoming the New Boy?? or Girl??

This is all about me...
Who I am...
What happend to me...
And what I do everyday and how i feel inside


4. I have to say!!!

im a boy stuck in a girl

all i feel at schoool when guys say things to me about being the lesbian thing i feel like 'your wrong im not a lesbian im gay truly gay'

the guys in me just want to come out and say 'im here im a boy not this girl you see. not this ugly girl you call a freak. im a cool dude all you do is push the body around and thats not who it is'

some days i just sit and say i want to be that boy that beautiful looking boy and say "you are all wrong im not a girl no im a boy"

i feel like crying some days cause of this so thanks for listening if you did and hope to talk soon

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