I'll fix you ( a Carl grimes love story)

Aimee wearing is the kind of girl that needs a hug but if you try to hug her she will stab you---- sorry I suck at summaries xx


2. Just us against the world

I just want to clarify that I only own the storyline and my OCs all rights got to AMC.


Chapter 2

as I lay in my tent in a haze not sleeping but not awake screamed could be heard  from outside. As I grabbed my machete I ran out only to be greeted by herd of walkers.infuriated I ran at them sclucking off their heads."oh my god!" Someone screamed it sounded like sapphire I looked around and saw my group huddled in a corner bleeding- all but sapphire and me "what happened" I said "walkers happens that's what" Ben said. My eyes trailed across his arm and u saw something on him "Ben what's that?" I said cautiously "a bite I've been bitten so have the others.he replied sadly I looked around and said to saf ( sapphires nickname as I can't be bothered to write sapphire) and said 

"you bit" "no" she replied "well I guess it's just you and me for a while"I say sadly."we want you to do it Aimee" the other members of our group said "what do you want me to do?" I asked " Charlie stepped up and said "shoot us,we're not gonna make it" 

"ok""I'll do it" BOOM---BOOM---BOOM the sound of gunshots rang through the air  the silence after was deafening "let's go sapphire" I say "ok" she says back we burn the bodies just like we promised to do to each other-packed up and took off again just me and sapphire against billions of monsters.



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