Dear Diary

just like my own diary, will write in every day hopefully but will not use any real names. this is for the dear diary cometiton


1. Me!

Before i start i'm going to write a little bit about myself, because if your reading about my life i would like you to know a little bit about me. I'm not going to use my real name for many reasons of my own so lets just say that my name is... Khloe. So i'm 15 and in my last year of school so this year is a real busy year this year and i cant wait to leave school. School is hell. I have a few friends as i fell out with all my friends a few months ago as i was being treated bad. I have very high goals so i'm trying my hardest to get the best grades i can. My parents are divorced so that's always hard but... my mums the happiest i have ever seen her and my dad is just a very bitter person. I have been bullied most of the years i have been at school but that all went away this year and i have become a lot more confident. And i LOVE drama with all my heart its my biggest passion... 

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