If You Dare

Niomi Withers and Xavier Black are werewolves. They live in a cabin, explore the woods, and have fun together. One day they stumble upon Paige, in their wolf forms. She doesn't realize it but she starts to fall in love with Xavier's wolf. What happens when she realizes he is a werewolf?

*Co-written with Books For Life!*


5. Wrong Cabin

🐺Chapter Four Xavier’s P.O.V.🐺


    I looked down to see Niomi’s sleeping figure resting on my shoulder. She fell asleep a while ago with her headphones still on. I was watching The Blacklist and was starting to doze off as well. Standing up, I took off her headphones and set the computer on the table. I laid her head down on the armrest and pulled a blanket over her. She looked so peaceful. It was around 3 o'clock and I was not going to bed. So I decided to go for a run.

    Standing in a clearing not far from a cabin, I imagined myself in my wolf form. My bones began to snap and break, forming new connection with each other. Hair sprouted from my arms and legs, well, more than there already was. After a couple of shifts, you don’t feel the pain anymore. The first is always the hardest and most painful. My wolf howled in delight of being set free for the second time this month. Niomi rarely shifts, scared of being caught.

    I looked down at my paws to see my shredded clothes. Picking them up in my jaws, I set them near a tree to pick up later. The woods called my name, and my paws listened. My wolf took off into the forest, dodging branches and sticks, hopping over stumps and rocks. The wind ran against me and slowed my pace slightly. My wolf surged onward, running faster and faster with each stride. He swerved and turned, careful not to go near human land. The sun started to appear and the sky was now a lighter shade of blue. I decided to head back. Niomi might wake up soon and wonder where I was.

    The cabin came in view and I found the tree with my destroyed cloths and pawed at the door handle. I refused to shift until I got to my room; I didn’t want to scare Niomi. Hopefully a window was open. I trotted around the cabin, clothes still in my locked jaw. I came around the last side of the house when…...Bingo!... an open window.

If only it was on the first floor instead of the second. Backing up, my wolf prepared for the jump. Our wolves were quite a bit bigger than the average wolf, but I still wasn’t sure if I could make it. I surged a few strides and then rocked back on my haunches. My front legs lifted up and stretched as my back legs pushed off the ground. The open window came closer when I tucked and rolled as best as I could in wolf form.

I crashed through the window, careful not to break it and landed with a thump. The only problem was is that it was not my room, or Niomi’s, or even a room in our cabin. I hoped that no one heard my ruckus, or that no one was home. I creeped back until my behind touched the walls. Hurling my head out the window, I dropped my clothes on the ground. I was almost ready to jump when the door swung open and I froze. A gasp was heard behind me and I thought that it was a young woman.

But upon turning round, still in wolf form may I add, I saw the same girl that Niomi helped yesterday. I glanced at the clock. 6:43. Still really early. A great way to start my day. I looked back at the girl. She rushed towards me, but I had already hopped out the window and landed before she could reach me. I gave her a wolfy grin, picked up my clothes and ran.


******Back At the Right Cabin******


    I pawed at the right door this time. I was sure that this was the right door. A groan and shuffling was heard before the door was pulled open. Niomi looked at me and smiled. She had bedhead and her penguin pajamas were all messed up and crooked. I returned her smile and she stepped out of the way and took my clothes. Nodding my head, I trotted up the stairs to grab new clothes.

    When I came back downstairs, Niomi was cooking some pancakes. My absolute favorite food! I also saw peanut butter and nutella on the counter. This girl knows me so well! I pulled out a chair and sat down, ready for my food. Niomi turned to me and smiled.

    “Are you hungry?” She asked with a smile. I returned it and licked my lips. My stomach was aching for food.

    “Yes. I love me some pancakes!” I stated while rubbing my tummy. She set a plate down in front of me and handed me the peanut butter and nutella. I put the peanut butter over two pancakes, and the nutella over the other two pancakes. Then I made the smallest, but yummiest, tower in the world. Niomi only had a couple of pancakes, which I was glad for because more pancakes for me!


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