If You Dare

Niomi Withers and Xavier Black are werewolves. They live in a cabin, explore the woods, and have fun together. One day they stumble upon Paige, in their wolf forms. She doesn't realize it but she starts to fall in love with Xavier's wolf. What happens when she realizes he is a werewolf?

*Co-written with Books For Life!*


19. Will Always Love You


🐺Chapter Seventeen Niomi’s P.O.V.🐺


I peeked out of the little slits that my eyes were making to see Xavier being strangled by what Paige turned into. I slowly tried to stand on shaky legs but failed, flopping back to the position I was in a few seconds ago. My whole body felt like it had been thrown off of a cliff about five times; but I had only been tossed to the side by Paige like I was a worthless toy.

Finally I got enough strength to lift my legs and push my body off of the ground. My legs wobbled as I took a tiny step towards the scene in front of me. Paige walked backwards and I watched as she cackled while staring at Xavier. She went back and bit him again and I took bigger steps, shifting into my wolf at the same time. When I was fully shifted, I ran at full speed and launched myself at Paige. A furious roar echoed in the forest, and I was surprised that it came from me. I shook my head and reeled my body, still connected with Paige’s, backwards.

    When she crashed to the ground I bit harder and held onto her with all of my might. I knew that I couldn’t kill her by myself. She stood up and shook her whole body. I let go so I could fall on my feet, but her rapid movement caused her slimy tail to hit my hind legs. I flipped over her tail and landed on my furry back. Yelping at the sudden pain, my white fur started to turn gray and brown with all the dirt and twigs on it. I whimpered slightly, but stood up when Paige’s growl commanded my attention. She looked me daringly in the eyes, as if she was challenging me to charge. I wouldn’t charge at her; it would be suicide to run straight into her jaws, especially at her size. I had to stall her till Xavier woke up, if he’d wake up.

    I looked frantically for something to run to safety at if she came at me. I found a nice size tree, but Paige was watching where I was looking. She followed my eye wherever it trailed. I quickly looked at a smaller tree and pretended like I was going to go to the smaller tree. I took a step towards the smaller tree, which triggered Paige into moving towards me. Quickly, I jumped back and ran to the larger tree. It only stalled her for a second, for she was right on my trail after a couple of strides. With a huge leap, I grasped the closest branch to the ground with my jaws. My hind legs slammed against the tree, knocking my jaws of the branch. I hit the ground with a thud and knocked the wind out of me. Paige’s footsteps were getting closer and I immediately jumped up and tried to climb the tree again. I successfully climbed to the first branch. Paige looked at me and tried to jump up as well. Her gross monster form was six feet tall, but she still didn’t have powerful hind legs like us wolves.

    She tried to jump the ten foot jump again, and missed. Every time she jumped I climbed a branch higher. We did this for ten or so times till I was ten branches above Paige. I had to keep her attention away from Xavier and towards me and the tree. A loud commotion from below me caused me to jump. Paige had actually made it to the first branch. She started climbing towards me at a record speed. My wolf paws struggled to keep up with Paige’s speed. A flimsy stick snapped under my body weight, and I fell a couple of branches down. A large, slimy hand grabbed my hand tail and yanked me backwards. I lost my balance and landed in Paige’s slimy lap, and we both tumbled the twenty foot drop down to earth.

    When we landed, all of Paige’s weight was on top of me. In the corner of my eye, I saw Xavier make a move to get up. Blood was still dripping from his neck, but it was a steady trickle instead of a roaring waterfall. I internally smiled, relieved that he was okay and that he was going to help me with this problem. Paige tried to bite me, but I but my front paws on both sides of her scaly face. Xavier crouched low, swaying slightly due to loss of blood, and stalked towards us. Paige didn’t even notice and kept trying to bite me.

    Xavier jumped up from his crouch and landed on Paige’s back. He scratched and bit her back. She let out a long and high pitched shriek to which stalled her enough so I could escape. I joined Xavier on her back, but went for her neck instead. I bit her neck as hard as I could to cut off the air supply. Neither Xavier or I wanted to do this, but we knew that Paige was gone. Paige wriggled underneath us and flipped on her side. Xavier fell off and quickly joined me on the other side of Paige.

We both bit as hard as we could. Paige’s breathing became labored and her movements were slow and tired. We both twisted our jaws in the same direction at an attempt to snap her neck. She clawed at us and tried to kick us away. Her claws raked against my side, and I yelped in pain. She shifted her position again and clamped her jaws on Xavier’s neck again. Panic shot through me, and with a huge effort, I reconnected my jaws on Paige's neck. I twisted with all my might, and a popping sound came from the top of her neck. Another huge effort came but nothing broke or popped. I was getting tired and couldn’t do it for much longer.

I looked back and forth between Paige’s neck, and Xavier’s struggling body. Once again, I grasped Paige’s neck and twisted. This time a loud crack sounded from Paige and she stopped moving. I gave her a quick kick, and nothing happened. We both ran to a tree and shifted. We pulled on clothes and stepped out of the woods to the clearing in front of the house. The place where we spent the last few hours battling a monster, held nothing but a teenage girl, whose face we knew all too well.

“Paige!” Xavier exclaimed and ran towards her. She looked up at him with weak eyes and a sad smile. “Are you okay? Can you stand? Niomi, we gotta help her!”

“Xavier, there is nothing we can do.” I tried to sound calm. Blood poured from her neck and back. Her clothes were remarkably still on, but were ripped and dirty. “Paige we are so sorry. We thought that you were gone and taken over by the monster.”

“It’s okay guys really,” she began and spoke very quietly, “I couldn’t have been able to control when I shift into that…...or control it when I do. I would have killed…..so many people: I couldn’t even…..control myself around…..people I knew and loved.”

“No Paige, we can save you!” Xavier grabbed her hand. He had tears in his eyes, and I felt them in mine as well. But Paige was right; she wouldn't have been able to control herself.

“Xavier,” Paige whispered, “always remember…...me, okay. Don’t remember what…...I was today, but who…..I was before. Remember me…...as the human girl…...who fell in love...with a werewolf. The girl who…..dared to love you…..and never regretted it.” She smiled weakly and looked at me. I smiled back and kneeled down next to her.

“Niomi, you are beautiful….and are the kindest person I could ever meet.” Paige looked at Xavier again, “I will always be watching from above, so….if you dare….ever mistreat her...you will have an angry ghost on your hands.”

“You can always haunt us,” I smiled at her, tears streaming down my face along with Xavier's.

Paige took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and exhaled. I couldn’t bear to see her die like this, so I looked up at the sky. The sun was in its normal sunrise place, and it was beautiful. I wanted Paige to see this. I shook her gently and pointed at the sky. She followed my finger and watched the sun. A small smile graced her face one last time. She breathed in one last time and closed her eyes. Her chest rose and fell, and her hand went limp in Xavier’s. And the tears came.

“Paige! No, no, no! Paige you can’t leave. Paige!” Xavier screamed.

Tears poured out of our eyes and I just cried. Xavier hugged Paige’s body for the last time. He sat back up and watched as the body turned white, as well as the clothed. She turned to mist and the wind carried her away. Most hybrids like her, when they pass away, disintegrate and are carried away by the wind. I looked at Xavier, and we hugged for what seemed like forever.


    “We should get you back to the house.” I softly touched his wound and he flinched back while groaning. “Yeah, let’s go.” He put his arm around my shoulder and I helped him hobble back to the cabin. Once we got there I had him lay down on the couch, on top of a towel, while I got some pain killers and medical tape for him. When I came back Xavier was still on the couch, but he was watching some cartoon.

    “Okay.” I whispered while crouching down next to his shoulder. I inspected the wound and quickly wrapped him up before he could complain about it hurting. “Take these and a glass of water. They will help you with the pain.” I explained.

    He climbed to his feet and trudged to the kitchen. I heard the tap turn on and off before Xavier appeared again, looking much better than before. Xavier walked over to me and plopped down onto the couch, in almost the same position as earlier. He turned back to the cartoon on the television screen without saying anything to me.

    “You’re welcome.” I grunted as I stood up. He glared and I waved him off. “Aren’t you going to say thank you?”

    “Thanks, I guess.” He was being stupidly stubborn and it wasn’t helping. I sauntered off and put away the medicine and the tape. When I returned to Xavier he was still doing the same exact thing that he was doing five minutes ago, he didn’t even twitch.

    “I’m going to make waffles if you want any” I offered. That is what I thought would get him to move. He just stared at the screen, not even processing the television show. He was acting like he was the only one who saw what happened today; like he was the only one who lost something. And I was two seconds away from screaming at him.


Hey guys! So we are going to be ending the book within the five chapters or so! Comments are always helpful!


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