If You Dare

Niomi Withers and Xavier Black are werewolves. They live in a cabin, explore the woods, and have fun together. One day they stumble upon Paige, in their wolf forms. She doesn't realize it but she starts to fall in love with Xavier's wolf. What happens when she realizes he is a werewolf?

*Co-written with Books For Life!*


7. Umm....Milk


🐺Chapter Six Paige’s P.O.V.🐺


I sat and stared at this boy for a moment. He looked quite familiar but I couldn’t place it. The girl next to him seemed like a cheery person and I loved her eye color.

    “Thank you.” She said, “Now would you like to come inside?” I looked at her confused.

    “Did I just say that out loud?” I asked while walking into their house. It was beautiful, on the right was a kitchen and a living room while on the left was a giant staircase that had a small dining room underneath it.

    “You house is very pretty.” I exclaimed.

    “Thanks, but it isn’t really a house, it is a cabin.” I nodded at Niomi and remembered what I was here for.

    “Have you seen any wolves around here?” I asked. They looked hesitant before they answered.

    “Yes, is there a problem with them?” Xavier asked me. He looked me up and down which scared me. His expression looked as if I said something wrong he would leap and attack me.

    “Not really….” I scanned the room looking for somewhere that is interesting enough to stare at while I talk. “Yesterday… um… a giant dark brown wolf jumped through my bedroom window. I didn’t think that they could get over our fence. I didn’t tell my parents though, they would have gone and shot him.” They let out a breath that I didn’t even know they were holding.

    “I ran over here to ask you because I thought that maybe someone that lived here for longer would know anything about it.” I smiled politely and headed for the door.

    “Don’t leave yet!” I heard a male’s voice call. “You just got here!” A giant hand grasped my wrist and spun me around to face them. Xavier seemed a little too close for comfort so I stepped back as I spoke.

    “I have to get back, I told my mother that I was going to get some milk. I should probably please her by getting it.” I spun on my heel and ran out of their cabin.

    While I headed down the sidewalk a hundred different thoughts buzzed through my head.

    Why did they hesitate when I asked about wolves? Did they know something about the wolves? Is there something wrong with the wolves? Should I have told my parents about the wolf that appeared? Xavier is kind of cute. Will my father go and hunt them down if I tell them? Is there something wrong with the wolves? Why did the wolf hop into my house?

    I stepped into the market and started to search for the dairy section.


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