If You Dare

Niomi Withers and Xavier Black are werewolves. They live in a cabin, explore the woods, and have fun together. One day they stumble upon Paige, in their wolf forms. She doesn't realize it but she starts to fall in love with Xavier's wolf. What happens when she realizes he is a werewolf?

*Co-written with Books For Life!*


13. The Deal


🐺Chapter Eleven Niomi’s P.O.V.🐺


    I couldn’t see anything. The whole room was blank. I’m pretty sure I am in the back of a black van, judging by the bumpiness and all of the kidnapper movies I’ve seen. Suddenly the car came to a stop and my body jolted forward, crashing into a wall. The back doors opened and I was greeted with someone, most likely a man, with a mask on that was covering his face. He walked over to me and picked me up. My hands and feet were tied together so I couldn’t move them to fight.

    I wriggled around but the man kept a tight grasp on me. He brought me into a old farm house that was in the middle of the woods. When we entered I was placed, and may I say, carefully on the floor and the man walked in front of me. He just stood there staring at me.

    “What do you want?” I angrily asked. He shook his head and glanced over at something, which made me glance over there too. What I saw was total shock to me. Standing behind me was Paige. “Paige?” My voice was barely a whisper.

    “I’m sorry.” She slowly said while disappearing out of the back door that I never noticed. I should probably take note of that for later uses.

    I turned back to the man standing in front of me. “Is that what you want? Paige?”

    “No, I want you and that boy to leave these woods and never return again.” He spat when he said boy. “You are a distraction to everyone and we need you out.” Is this because of Xavier showing Paige?

    “Wait, is this because of Paige, and Xavier?” He nodded his head, which kind of surprised me. “Why do you want me out of the woods?”

    “You are a danger to everyone around here.” A woman’s voice said from behind me. I turned to see Paige again there. “Just like my father said. I'm not evil, but you are a danger to everyone, there is going to be new people moving here, and with you out you could danger yourself and others. Staying here could possibly get yourself killed.” She explained.

    “We want to stay here though.” Then I thought for a moment. “What if we make a deal?”

    “What is that deal?” The man, Paige’s father, asked.

    “When we turn we will go far out into the woods, and we will not disturb anyone. And then we will return when we are human again. Nobody will get hurt and nobody will know.” The man glanced over at Paige and it seemed like they were communicating through their minds. Then they both shook their heads and got wicked smiles on their faces.

    “We won’t bring you back, we want a reward for you.” He looked over at Paige. “Well, I want a reward. Paige was just the one to get that reward for me. I want you and you boyfriend out of this woods, so I can sell the woods to others. I will use you to get both of you out of here.” He smirked. I watched as both him and Paige left the room.

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