If You Dare

Niomi Withers and Xavier Black are werewolves. They live in a cabin, explore the woods, and have fun together. One day they stumble upon Paige, in their wolf forms. She doesn't realize it but she starts to fall in love with Xavier's wolf. What happens when she realizes he is a werewolf?

*Co-written with Books For Life!*


9. Songs and Windows


🐺Chapter Eight Paige’s P.O.V.🐺


    I took the milk home and I got hundreds of thank yous from my parents. They didn’t even need it though, but they liked it because they keep saying that I need to get out and get a boyfriend now that I am almost out of high school.

    I usually like to stay in my room up on the second floor for a long time. Up there I go on the internet and write, write in a journal or just plain read a book. The books that I write are sad and end up with the person having no friends, kind of like me.

    The books that I read are the complete opposite though. They always are happy and the main character is always joyful even though everyone around them isn’t. I hate that, but I read it.

    I don’t know why I am like that. The people in the books are always the people that I hate, but I still read it because it is kind of enjoyably.

    I started to head up the stairs when my mother called me telling me that dinner is ready. She came out, handed me and plate with lasagna on it and turned away to the dining room. My parents let me eat by myself in my room because they know that I won’t talk to them anyway while at the table.

    I headed up the stairs and went to my room. In my room I sat down and listened to Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri on YouTube while eating. While in the middle of the song I started to sing and didn’t realize it. Then the song ended and I heard something skip across my wooden floors.

    I looked around to see that a rock was thrown from outside. I peered out of the window to see Xavier out there.

    “Good singing there Paige!” He yelled up to me.

    “Are you snooping on me Xavier?” I called back.

He shook his head and chuckled. “I wanted to talk to you, but I didn’t want to come to your front door!” Now it was me who laughed. He acts like such a scared cat.

    “I’ll be right down!” I skipped down the stairs and walked outside not even bothering to put on any shoes. When I got outside I saw Xavier standing there staring at me and I got a little nervous.

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