If You Dare

Niomi Withers and Xavier Black are werewolves. They live in a cabin, explore the woods, and have fun together. One day they stumble upon Paige, in their wolf forms. She doesn't realize it but she starts to fall in love with Xavier's wolf. What happens when she realizes he is a werewolf?

*Co-written with Books For Life!*


3. Amusement Park and Girl

🐺Chapter Two Niomi’s P.O.V.🐺


    I woke up leaning on Xavier with his arm around me. He stirred and I pushed myself up from me. His arm twitched and I ran away from him, hoping that I didn’t wake him up. Then I ran to the kitchen and started to pull out everything for cereal.

    When I poured two bowls and put milk in them Xavier came into the room. “Good morning!” He sang.

    “Hello, now come eat and let’s get on with our ‘plans.’” I put air quotation marks around ‘plans’ and he grinned. He grabbed the cereal and almost inhaled it. When he was done he put the bowl in the sink and ran off to his room.

    I ate my food slower than him and went to my room. There was a outfit on my dresser that I pulled together last week.

    I slipped it on and met Xavier in the living room. Xavier was sitting on the couch staring at the blank television.

    “Ready to go?” I asked making him jump. He stood up and followed me out of the door. My cabin wasn’t that far away from the amusement park so we just walked all of the way there. The whole way there was silent, but it wasn’t the nice silence it was the unbearable silence that made it so awkward.

    A few minutes later we arrived at the amusement park and Xavier started to hop around like a little kid. I had to hold on to his arm to keep him from running away from me. We entered and went straight to the arcade.

    Xavier started to get some tokens as I looked through the games. There was some driving games in the back, an air hockey game in the middle, some shooting games, and some claw machines. After I looked around Xavier came over to me and handed me about twenty tokens.

    We went straight to the driving games and raced against each other until I had ten more tokens left. Me and Xavier played one game of air hockey, me winning, and then I went to the claw machine. I put in four tokens and went straight for the giant duck plushie.

    When I got over it I pressed the button, it reached for it and….. it missed. Xavier saw my disappointment and tried himself, but he also missed himself. Together we had four tokens left so we tried again with the four we had left.

    I stood at the side of it and directed him to where the claw should go. Xavier pressed the button and it grabbed the duck. The duck was lifted and it dropped into the hole in the corner of the machine.

    I reached my hand into it and grabbed the plush duck that we spent all of our money on. “Yes!” I yelled. “Now let’s go on the rides!”

    He pulled me out of the arcade and to the Twister. The Twister has the biggest drops in the whole park. We got into line, which was very short, and hopped on the cart. We sat directly in the front and it started.

    We climbed the track and once it reached the top I could see that the sun was setting. This worried me; we had to be back in a few minutes before we changed. The cart sailed down the track and it seemed like a few seconds when we stopped. I raced away from the rollercoaster and out of the amusement park.

    I pulled Xavier all the way back to the cabin while holding my stuffed duck. Xavier took the duck, threw it into the cabin and ran into the middle of the woods. “Remember, clothes are in that tree over there.” He pointed to the tree where I saw some cloth that was bundled up.

    We looked up to the sky and saw the full moon at the top of the sky. I looked over at Xavier and heard his bones cracking as he morphed right in front of me. When he was done I felt my body shifting and the worst pain that I could ever feel. My ripped clothes fell to the ground.

    I saw the floor coming closer to me and I began to become the size of Xavier. We were going to be the only werewolves here. My father had the pack out back in my hometown because they didn’t want to move with us. Xavier started to trot away from me and I headed the other way.

    My wolf senses heard some type of whimpering the opposite way of Xavier’s direction so I followed it. I walked for a little while and came across a person that was sitting on the same stump that I was on last night.

    I barked to her and she faced my direction. Now I could see her clearly, she had the brightest blue eyes and blonde hair. She looked surprised and scared as I took a step toward her.

    I got close enough to see that there was a piece of barbed wire sticking out of her bleeding leg. She must have came from my neighbors; they had a daughter about my age, but they also had barbed wire around their house to keep the wolves away from them.

    I guess that she tried to get away.

    “Go please, I just want to be alone right now.” I shook my head and she must have noticed that I wasn’t leaving her here to bleed.

    I hopped over to her leg that was injured and studied it. This girl had pulled it the wrong was and is was stuck way too far to stay in here. I set my paw on her other leg and grabbed the wire with my teeth.

    She whimpered and I tugged out all of the way. I looked up to see her smiling really wide.

    “I know that you cannot understand me, but thank you.” She stood up and hopped away before I could stop her from walking. I just watched as she got to my neighbor’s house and knocked on the back door.

    When her parents opened the door I walked over to a clearing to see where the sun was. I noticed that is was almost gone and we were supposed to turn back. Then my bones started to rub together and I shifted back to my normal human self.

    I rose from the ground and grabbed the clothes from the tree and pulled them on. Xavier was nowhere in sight so I left his clothes there and walked to the cabin. When I got there I was so tired I crashed on the couch and drifted off to sleep.


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