Not. This. Time.

Alexandra Coleson only was reading The Chamber of Secrets before she accidentally gets sucked into a portal that takes her to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, only somehow she lands in the Marauders' Era. Knowing the fates of the Marauders and others, she decides to try and stop the deaths from happening. Nobody was dying on her watch.
Not. This. Time.


1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I came home that night, beaten and bruised by the bullies at school. I didn't know their names, but I secretly called them the Uglies.

How I hate my life.

The only comfort I had was reading. Reading helps clear my mind, making me relaxed and sucking me into another world. It helps me forget all the bad things in life. So far, I've read about 3,1o9 books. My favourites are the Harry Potter series.

Did I mention I have photographic memory? No, I didn't. Sorry.

Anyway, instead of going in through the front door, I sneaked to my bedroom window and climbed in. No good in letting my stupid excuse for a stepfather know I had arrived. He'd probably beat me up, again, and kick me all the way to China.

Once I was safely burrowed in my bed, the door locked, I emptied my book bag. Seven books came tumbling out: the Harry Potter series. I'd finally saved up enough money to buy the entire set. 

I picked one up by random: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and began to read.




It was almost midnight before I managed to finish the entire book. I had started at ten o'clock, which meant I'd spent about two hours reading it. I mean, I've read it before, so it shouldn't have taken so long. Thankfully, we didn't have homework tonight.

I sighed. I wish I was a witch. Then I could defend myself, and life would be more interesting. Unfortunately, magic didn't exist in this world.


I closed the book and stared at the cover. My finger went to trace the title, but instead...

Went right through.

I had about one second of pure shock until I was sucked into the book.

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