My Journal for 2016

Well, this is going to be my journal for this year. Have fun reading about all my problems.


3. Monday, February 22, 2016

I'm really upset and I feel like crying and crawling into a hole and dying. I feel so fat. I think I might fast tomorrow. Still can't decide. Or at least minimal calorie count (about 100-800 cal., which is what I usually do for Calorie Count Diets). Anyways, today I began my autobiography for literacy class, and in pre-algebra today we had a baby pool put in our classroom. In honors science today we just worked on our two projects, our independent project and partner project. For my independent project, I'm doing the limit to cell regeneration, while my partner project, I'm doing Brain Tumors with my friend Meg. I feel so stupid. I hate math. I feel so sad all the damn time and I feel so fat. Why is everyone else so smart and skinny!? Like what the hell? That's all i'm doing for today. I'm too tired to write much else.

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