Everything I didn't say

They were the couple other couples wanted to be, but when Calum goes on tour and forgets about Megan, will she fall gracefully into his arms or chase after the other boys whom had caught her eye? #5sos


5. The next Day

Megan's POV

I woke up with a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist. Suddenly all the memories of last night came back. The kiss, the sex. I looked over at Calum and smiled slightly at the few hickeys scattered across his neck.

I shifted slightly "No don't go" Calum moaned, tightening his grip on my waist. I smirked before snuggling into his chest. I began to trace his tattoos. I saw a smile tug at his lips before he groaned. "M-Megan I don't think you understand how much that is turning me on" he stuttered out. I smirked before attacking his neck with my lips.

"Oh god M-Megan" he moaned running his hand down my back. I started sucking lightly along his jaw line making my way to his lips. Our lips made contact and were moving in perfect sync. His tongue slide across my bottom lip begging for entrance which I granted. Our tongues dancing together.

"Hey Cal-" Luke burst in, his cheeks turned a bright red "oh-uh sorry" he tripped over his own words before running out. I started laughing at Calum for one, not locking the door and ,two for the face he was making. "Babe" we whined "can I have more kisses". He said puckering his lips. I shook my head we have things to do I said standing up.

I threw on one of his shirts and my undergarments before making my way to my room. Myranda was in the shower and Cameron was doing her makeup while Alex sat on the floor in a pile of all her clothes. "I DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR" she hollered. I chuckled "sameee" Me and Cameron said in unison. "You know what that means" Alex said standing up. "SHOPPING" we all screamed in unison and started happy dancing.

We all finished getting ready and headed to the Mall. We of course went to Hot Topic and Spencers first, then American Apparel and Forever 21. We also bought some new hair dye. By the time we were leaving we each had 6 bags and were happy.

"Did you bring the whole mall back" Michael exclaimed as soon as we entered the hotel. "Mickey you should have seem how much stuff we put back"

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