Everything I didn't say

They were the couple other couples wanted to be, but when Calum goes on tour and forgets about Megan, will she fall gracefully into his arms or chase after the other boys whom had caught her eye? #5sos


6. Going Public

Calums POV

I did it I asked Megan on a date and she actually said yes. So today we are going out officially for all the world to see. "What if I see Jessica" I exclaim to Luke, Jessica is my ex from not to long ago, "and she tells Megan everything, she'll surely hate me" I started pacing. "I love Megan and I can't live without her I already made that mistake once" I ran my fingers through my hair an glanced at the clock, it was 6:37, in and hour me and Megan will be on our date.

"It's fine, I doubt Jess will bug your date" said luke calmly. "But I don't know what to do, what if I screw up again" I said running a hand through my hair. Luke placed his hands on my shoulders "it'll be fine, Megan loves you and you love her just be your self" and with that he left me in my thoughts.

I ran to my suitcase and started pulling all my shirts out. I decided on a Blink shirt and a blue flannel with some black skinnies and vans. I looked in the mirror, attempted to fix my hair when I heard a faint knock on the door. "Calum, are you ready?" Asked Megan. I opened the door in response and took in her appearance. She was wearing a nirvana tee shirt tucked into a black skirt with converse, her makeup was light and her hair was curled. "Y-You look gorgeous" I said making her blush.

A/n I will make a chapter that is just dedicated to the date I just needed to write something so the people reading didn't get bored, so ya I will update later

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