Gay OneShots/Fanfictions

Basically i didn't have WiFi for a weekend and I wrote a ton of (albeit unfinished) gay fanfictions/ one shots. And these are copied straight from my computer so I apologize for the unfinished stuff. [There will be 5SOS, Septiplier, Phan, Natepat, and I might take requests if you ask nicely] [also I have like descriptions for the first few bear with me okay?]


14. Fourteen- NATEPAT

A loud yell sounded from the living room, followed by a crash. Matt jumped up from his seat in the kitchen, rushing through their small house until he slid into the living room, his socks skidding on the hardwood floor. He stumbled to a stop as he saw his boyfriend lying on the floor, wrapped up in unlit Christmas lights.

“Help?” Nate asked sheepishly, giving Matt a small smile.

Matthew could only laugh, helping his boyfriend to his feet. “How did you even get so tied up?” He asked, his eyes roaming over Nate's body as he searched for an end to help him get free.

“Well I-” Nate started on an explanation, but made the mistake of moving. He tripped as he tried to moved his tightly tied feet, falling forward onto Matt.

“Woah, there,” Matt smirked. He pushed his boyfriend off him, but with too much force. Nate fell backwards, nearly clamming his head against the wall.

“Stop falling, already.” Matt said, his outstretched arm wrapped around Nate's waist.

“I would, if you'd stop pushing me.” Nate said, his face bright red. His glasses had been knocked askew, and were now dangling off him by only one ear. “Have you found a way to untie me yet?”

“Maybe,” Matt said softly, reaching up with his other hand to fix Nate's glasses. “But, I kinda like you this way.

Nate flushed an even darker red. “Wh-wh-wh-”

Matt leaned in and kissed his boyfriend deeply, pushing him up against the wall as he allowed his hands to explore Nate's body.

“Matt...” Nate mumbled against his lips, leaning forward as much as he could to kiss Matt back.

Matthew's mouth parted slightly as Nate's tongue entered his mouth, exploring it fully. Matt pressed closer to Nate, one of his hands on his chest, the other gripping the back of his neck. Nate's wrists, although pinned to his waist, couldn't keep his hands from moving to Matt's hips, gripping them tightly. Matt moved his hand from Nate's neck to his hair, gripping it tightly as they continued to make out

At last Matt pulled away from him, once again fixing Nate's glasses.

Nate smirked. “If I knew I'd be getting this treatment, I'd be getting stuck in these lights more often.”

Matt leaned in to kiss Nate one last time before at last grabbing the loose strand of lights that would untie his boyfriend. “Oh, I think you definitely should.”

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