Gay OneShots/Fanfictions

Basically i didn't have WiFi for a weekend and I wrote a ton of (albeit unfinished) gay fanfictions/ one shots. And these are copied straight from my computer so I apologize for the unfinished stuff. [There will be 5SOS, Septiplier, Phan, Natepat, and I might take requests if you ask nicely] [also I have like descriptions for the first few bear with me okay?]



first one:

ok so this was a while ago but worth putting on here anyways. i think i tried to go for flash fiction???? anyways




“Mark!” Sean yelled into the empty house. “Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark!” He yelled.

No response.

“Mark?” Sean yelled. “Mark, where are you?” Tears sprung at his eyes. “Mark, I miss you.”

He fell to his knees, head in his hands. “I wish you were here.” He sobbed.

He knew right where his lover was, of course.

He was lying in the ground, six feet under.

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