Once Upon a Time

A poem for the PIXAR competition.


1. Pale, Grey Faces

Once upon a time there was a girl.

Her bright, blue eyes

didn't match her pale, grey face.

She wanted to love

but didn't know how.


Every day, she'd put on a smile

and hide the tears on her arms

and the hollows in her face.

But laughing got harder,

and everything built up to that one day.


One day, however, everything changed

because one person said one word, two letters:


Though she pushed him off,

she was glad the letters persisted.

Suddenly, an echo of a smile crossed her face.


Because of that, they continued to talk.

They conversed their insides

until they were inside out.

They would walk in the open

but feel complete safe.



Until finally she was glad,

glad the boy wasn't a day too late.

They live together with bright green eyes,

beautiful white smiles,

and not a single pale, grey face.

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