My brother is my mate!

Alexa gets to shift for the first time and find her mate on her birthday.But when she looks at her brother after she shifts she sees him as the most beautiful person in the world with a wonderful scent like nature and vanilla.When they kiss for the first time will they love the tingles or will they reject them?Read to find out!


4. the world championships

When we got off the plane i went straight towards the car we have to hurry so i can get ready.Once we got to the place i got out kissed alex and hugged my parents.They go off to get their seats and i go to Mr.Bays the choir director and hugged him."Hey your here so go get ready and practice with the rest of the class.Just remember your big solo at the end."he said."Okay bye."I hope alex likes this it is his first time seeing me sing and i hope he don't get mad over me and the boy who has the other part.I went into my own room the lead singers get to have their own room.I plugged in my curling wand and let it heat up while it heated up i did my makeup and put on my dress and heels.The show starts in 20 minutes so i curled my hair and went to see the lead boy his name is andrew by the way.We practiced till it was time to go out and sing we walked on the stage me and andrew sat down on stools in the front while the choir stood in the back behind see through curtains.All the kids in my choir class was werewolves so they know about the me and alex thing heck the whole pack does.Our first song is' Thinking Out Loud '

andrew's part:

when your legs don't work like they used to before

and i can't sweep you off of your feet 

will your mouth still remember the taste of my love

will your eyes still smile from your cheeks

blah blah blah you know the rest of that part.Then we all sing the chorus and then we go to my part.

my part:

so honey now

take me into your loving arms

kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

place your hand on my beating heart

We take turns singing verses then we all sing the chorus together.By the end of the song the whole crowd was standing and clapping.I looked around and found mom,dad,and alex smiling and clapping at us.Thank god they liked it.Everyone in my choir hugged each other but when i hugged andrew i looked at alex telling him not to growl through mind link.Andrew pulled away from me and said,"that was amazing.You have an awesome voice.Are you ready for our next song."Yeah and thanks and yeah again."i answered him he just chuckled. 

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