My brother is my mate!

Alexa gets to shift for the first time and find her mate on her birthday.But when she looks at her brother after she shifts she sees him as the most beautiful person in the world with a wonderful scent like nature and vanilla.When they kiss for the first time will they love the tingles or will they reject them?Read to find out!


2. the day

Today was my birthday so me my mom and dad and brother are all standing in the middle of the woods waiting for me to shift.It is currently 11:58 p.m. and i shift at midnight so my parents made me take off my clothes except my bra and underwear which was pretty embarrassing since my brother was right there in front of me."It is 12:00 everyone move away from her."my dad yelled.I didn't get time to reply because i felt this god awful pain shoot through my whole body."Make it stop,please make it stop."i screamed."I wish we could honey but we can't"my mom said.Then suddenly i couldn't feel the pain no more because i was finally a wolf.Wow this is amazing.Tell me about it."Who said that"i asked in my head.Me silly i'm ashley your wolf nice to meet you."Yeah nice to meet you too."i replied.With that we were done talking so i looked around at everything taking it in.Then suddenly i caught this amazing scent like nature and vanilla i looked around to find what it belonged to and saw that it was my brother.We both stared at each other until my wolf snapped me out of it by saying mate mate mate.I looked to my parents and ran to hug them after i shifted and changed back into my clothes i hugged my dad last but when i did Alex growled MINE and ripped me off of dad and into his chest."You guys got some explaining to do."i told my parents."Yeah lets go back to the house and talk."mom said.With that we started walking i was walking next to dad then suddenly alex pulled me toward him and put his arm around my waist.Once we got back to the house everyone sat down so there was no more seats so just as i was about to sit in the floor alex pulled me down on his lap and i just leaned my head back on his shoulder."Well lets just cut this short your not our real daughter but we still love you very very much."my dad said.I just nodded and yawned my dad to that as a clue and said,"lets go to bed we have to get up early for your world championship." We said our goodnights and went to our rooms but i kept tossing and turning so i snuck out of my room and tiptoed into alex's room."Is that you alexa?"he asked me."Yeah i couldn't sleep."i told him."Come here."he said as he lifted up the covers.I climbed in bed and turned to look at him and he instantly pulled me closer and slowly leaned in and so did i and we kissed it was magical i felt the tingles and sparks."Does this mean we aren't rejecting each other?"he asked."I would never think about rejecting you."i answered him."Then can i ask you a question"he said."yeah anything."i told him."Will you be my girlfriend?"he asked me."Yes of course i would love to."i answered him.He gently pecked my lips and i turned over and he pulled me closer to him and draped his arm over my waist."Goodnight babe."he said."Goodnight"i said and fell into a wonderful sleep.

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