Left 4 Dead 2 (Ellis X Reader)

It was the zombie apocalypse, and you were stuck in the middle of it. You join the 4 survivors/characters in Left 4 Dead 2 in their journey to New Orleans to find safety.
Girls only, no guys!


2. Your Character

Name: (Y/N)

Age: 20

Hair color: (H/C)

Eye color: (E/C)



Jeans: (go to these!)



Shirt:  *any color, and you can have writing on it if you want*

Shoes: http://movellas-users.s3.amazonaws.com/movella/201602161747266997/images/shoes.jpg 

Optional: Hair in a ponytail


You had a sister named Katelyn/Sarah. (You get to choose which name, unless one of those is your name, then choose the other one.)

You loved your sister and shared many fun memories with her. You two were really close, but sadly she got infected with the 'Green Flu'. You were the only one in your family to not die/turn into a zombie.


Ages of others: Coach 44, Rochelle 29, Nick 35, and Ellis 23. These are not ages I made up, they are actually the characters ages.

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