Left 4 Dead 2 (Ellis X Reader)

It was the zombie apocalypse, and you were stuck in the middle of it. You join the 4 survivors/characters in Left 4 Dead 2 in their journey to New Orleans to find safety.
Girls only, no guys!


4. Streets

If a certain character all of a sudden has a different weapon between the last chapter and this one, then assume they picked up a different one. This goes for every chapter.


We stayed in the safe room for about 2 hours, choosing our weapons and stocking up on ammo. Once the 2 hours was up, we decided to move out. I had grabbed a Hunting Rifle, but I did keep my 2 pistols. I also grabbed another health kit. Honestly, I didn’t have anything else, and I wanted to be prepared for anything.

“My buddy Keith tried camping out on top of a building once. He was shooting crows, but the police were too busy teargassin' him to ask what he was doin' up there. He screamed for an entire year every single time he opened his eyes! Oh, man! At first, it was funny; then it just got sad, but then it got funny again! Oh, man!” Ellis laughed.

“Ellis, sweetie, can this wait?” Rochelle asked in a kind voice.


After a nod towards Ellis, Rochelle took the bar off the door, then pushed the door open, gun up. We had already shot all the zombies we could through the bars on the door. Rochelle shot the zombies right next to the door, then proceeded farther out of the safe room. I followed after, looking for any zombies to snipe. Spotting one, I looked through the scope, centered it, then fired. Bullseye!


We had just gotten inside a building when Rochelle got pinned by a hunter. Nick, Ellis, and me ran towards her, but I stopped when I heard Coach shout. Turning, I saw a smoker dragging him away while other zombies were attacking him. Quickly concluding that Rochelle would be okay with the other 2, I brought my hunting rifle up and shot the smoker. Coach was released, so I brought out my pistols.

I helped shoot down the zombies surrounding him, and once they were gone, he limped slightly over to me. I ran over to him, concern on my face.

“Hey, you okay?” I called out. He nodded, but I could tell he was clearly not okay. “I’ve got a health kit you can use!”

“Don’t waste it on me. I’ll be fine!” Coach assured. I rolled my eyes, taking the health kit on my back off.

“You need it, I can tell. Besides, I’ve got another, we’ll be fine.” I led him back inside the building, away from the hedges where the smoker once stood. Once we were inside, I began healing him. When he was fully healed, I smiled and stepped back.

“Thanks (Y/N).” Coach smiled. I nodded at him, arming myself with my rifle, then walked down the 3 stairs over to the others.

“Let’s go.” Nick began walked out the door and down the next staircase, towards the bridge. That’s where we encountered our first witch.

She was sitting down, crying. None of us knew if she was infected or not. I mean, she was crying, that’s a human thing, but then again she looked like other infected. But before we could do anything, Ellis shot her.

Of course, that was a stupid thing to do.

The witch immediately sprang up and ran towards him. Ellis yelped, spun around, and ran for his life. She ran right past the rest of us, which caused us to exchange a surprised look. Deciding that the witch probably shouldn’t be able to kill Ellis, I shot her with my hunting rifle. She staggered just a little, then turned to me. Ellis was then able to hit her with his axe, Nick shot her with his Submachine Gun, and then she fell.

Ellis walked back over to us, looking slightly sheepish. I smiled slightly at him, seeing him smile an adorable smile back. Blushing, I looked away.

“I think I can see the mall!” Coach called from his spot up a hill. We all walked over, looking with him. I spotted it and silently cheered. Finally, we can be saved! Hearing a growl, I quickly refocused and glanced around. From behind us, a hunter leaped and pinned Nick to the ground. Rochelle was quick to push it off, and Coach killed it with his bat.

We walked inside Whitaker’s Gun Shop, and I literally dropped my hunting rifle. There was guns of every type, shape, and size.

“Jackpot!” Ellis yelled, running over to some guns. I walked over to some sniper rifles, picking one up and inspecting it. Shrugging, I walked over to the door and shot a zombie that just happened to wander past. Satisfied, I grinned, reloaded, and walked back over to the others.

Coach grabbed a combat shotgun, Rochelle had an AK-47, Ellis had a grenade launcher, and Nick had a M-16 assault rifle.

Suddenly, we heard a voice coming from a radio like thing.

“Hey! Hey you guys!” I turned to the sound, noticing it came from something on the other side of the store. “Normally I would shoot anybody that breaks into my store, but with our current situation, I’m not gonna do that. Once you’re done down there, come up here to talk.”

“Must be Whitaker.” Coach said, grabbing laser sights and walking up the stairs. I grabbed some more ammo and laser sights, and followed.

“Now when this whole zombie apocalypse began, I grabbed what I could and holed myself in here. But in my haste, I forgot to grab some Cola. You folks said you were headed to the mall? Go over to that grocery store and get some Cola for me, and I’ll clear a path to the mall for ya.” Whitaker’s voice came through some speakers. I glanced over and saw a truck holding gasoline sitting right next to the mall’s entrance.

“How do we know you’ll help us?” Nick asked, folding his arms.

“I’m always true to my word. Just bring me that Cola and I’ll do the rest.” Rochelle shrugged and began walking towards the store. Everyone followed her, and once we were at the front door of the store, we readied ourselves.

“Everybody ready?” Rochelle asked, grabbing the door handles. Once the doors open, the alarm is going to go off, alerting the zombies.

“Who’s grabbing the Cola?” I asked, looking at everyone.

“I’ll do it.” Rochelle said, nodding at me. I nodded back, and braced myself. Rochelle pushed the doors open, and the alarms blared loudly. I quickly looked around, looking for the first few zombies coming. Spotting them coming, I fired away. I ran away from everyone, over to the other side of the hedge (which is inbetween the store and Whitaker). Looking through all the leaves, I saw Rochelle coming out of the store.

“Rochelle! Toss it over here!” I yelled. I saw her toss it over the hedge and I caught it.

“Over here!” I looked over to see Nick with his hands out, standing next to Whitaker’s door. I threw it up to him, then pulled out my Cricket Bat and hit zombies right next to me. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Nick put the Cola in a little bin, and then the bin went back into the door.

“Thanks guys.” Whitaker called. Blood splashed against my face from a zombie I just smashed, and I cringed. I was going to have to get use to all of this. Then a rocket came out of the building thing Whitaker was in and flew towards the truck. Once the missile hit, the truck exploded and the entrance to the mall was opened. I smiled and decapitated another zombie.

Once the zombies were all taken care of, we ran over to the mall. Finally! We continued to walk, looking all over the place.

“Where is everyone?” Rochelle asked, gun up and looking around.

“Maybe everyone’s inside.” Coach suggested. You all continued to walk until we spotted another safe room. We all walked inside and Coach shut the door.

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