Left 4 Dead 2 (Ellis X Reader)

It was the zombie apocalypse, and you were stuck in the middle of it. You join the 4 survivors/characters in Left 4 Dead 2 in their journey to New Orleans to find safety.
Girls only, no guys!


5. Mall

Quick note: zombies and infected are the same thing. Special infected (like the spitter, hunter, etc.) are different from the regular infected, in case you couldn't tell.


We stayed there for half an hour. We didn’t want to stay long, as we wanted to quickly find the evac center and get out of here. I stood by the door, shooting any infected I could (which was quite a lot). Going into a mall during the zombie apocalypse is a really dumb idea, but as long as none of us die, I think I would be okay with it.

“Man, I love malls. I do! Once I was in this mall, up in Atlanta, and these guys were dancing for like money and stuff and my friend Dave and I was all like-”

“We ain’t got time for this Ellis.” Coach said.


Hitting another infected in the head, someone came up behind me. I turned to see Ellis standing there.

“Let me have some fun too!” He playfully pushed me out of the way and lined up to shoot.

"Oh no you don’t!” I laughed, pushing him back. That started a little war. As we were pushing, shoving, and laughing, the other 3 watched us in amusement.

“Let me.” Nick lined up to shoot.

“No.” I pushed him out of the way, making him almost fall over. He raised his eyebrows at me, then just rolled his eyes and walked back over to the others. I was going to grab my gun when someone took my gun from my back and shot a zombie coming towards the door. Ellis was holding my gun up, pointing it at the door. He smiled innocently at me, causing me to laugh again. He shot two more zombies then handed my Combat Rifle back to me.

Taking it, I put it back on my back. I walked away from the door, where Ellis was now shooting zombies with his M-16 Assault Rifle, over to the table to grab some bullets.

“Cleared all the infected by the door yet?” Coach asked. Ellis fired one more time then turned to him.

“Yeah, I think so.” He walked over to the table to grab more bullets.

“Alright, let’s go.” Nick stepped up to the door, hand on the bar. “There’s going to be lots of them, so be ready.” He removed the bar and pushed the door open. Rochelle followed right after, then me, Coach, and Ellis. Nick fired his Pump Shotgun at an unsuspecting zombie alerting a few others.


The best way to put the mall was: filled with zombies. Anywhere you looked, there was a zombie! Even if your flashlight couldn’t reach that spot, the zombie could see the light, making them sprint towards you. Zombies were scary enough without having to see them come out of nowhere and they’re sprinting at you.

But when things got really real, was when Rochelle accidently hit the glass of a shop with a bullet and the alarms went off. She was just trying to kill a zombie, and let’s just say alerting zombies in a mall, where there’s infected everywhere, is a terrible idea. We got swarmed from all angles.

“We’ve gotta turn off that alarm!” Nick yelled, smashing a zombie with a frying pan.

“Should be up there!” Coach shouted, pointing up a floor. Following his finger, I noticed there was a door with cabinets inside. Smirking, I pulled out my machete and decapitated some infected in front of me. I began to push through all of them, trying to get out of the store we were in. Coach helped me by shooting the ones coming towards me with his Silenced SMG. I smiled at him, slicing another infected.

Getting out of the store, Nick and Rochelle were right behind me. I ran for the escalators going up, but jumped to the side when I saw a hunter leaping towards me. That was a very bad move, as I went over the railing and fell a floor. Fortunately, I landed in some bush things, so I didn’t get incapacitated. Coming out of the bushes, I froze.

Nick was being ridden by a jockey. Rochelle, who was trying to help him, just got puked on, making all the infected swarm towards her. Coach was fine, just trying to fight the infected surrounding him. Ellis was being attacked by the hunter I jumped away from.

“Rochelle!!” I screamed, catching her attention. I threw my machete to her. She was able to catch it, and sliced away at the zombies around her instantly. I grabbed my gun and fired at the hunter pinning Ellis. While I was shooting, I noticed there were zombies around me, attacking me. I tried pushing them back, but the ones behind me kept hitting me. I shot one last time at the hunter, causing him to die, and then I got incapacitated. (where you're on the ground, lying on your side, but able to shoot a pistol. One of your teammates has to help you up.)

I fired at all of the zombies surrounding me, calling out to my teammates for help. I got most of them cleared, until Coach shot the rest of them from on the 2nd floor with his Silenced SMG. Nick helped me up, and then we took off for the room again. Ellis was pretty close to the door, when a charger came out of nowhere and almost nailed him. He shot at it while Nick and I climbed up the escalator to the 2nd floor (that we were on before I fell).

As we made our way to the 3rd floor, our destination, we killed as many zombies as we could. They swarmed us and slowed us down, causing the trek up to the office to be very difficult. Finally, someone shut off the alarm, making Nick sigh in relief.

“I thought it’d never shut up!” Nick grumbled, hitting some infected away from him. I nodded, firing at a spitter I just noticed. Sadly, she was able to spit at us, and got the floor we were standing on covered in her acid.

“Spitter goo!” I yelped, pushing through the infected to get away from the acid.

“Aw gross!” Nick shouted disgustedly, hopping up onto a potted plant.

“Come on guys!” Rochelle yelled to us from the office. We began to run towards the door, when the spitter fired again and hit the entrance to the office.

“Seriously?!?!?!” I shouted, spinning to look at the special infected. I brought my Combat Rifle up and shot her in the head. She dropped and I turned back to the office. Once the acid was gone, we went in and followed behind the others to the safe room.

Once the door was closed, Ellis hooted: “I’m thinking we can take on anything!”


We stayed the night. I got comfortable in the bathtub, as there was nowhere else to go. Trying to make myself comfortable, I grabbed a pillow I found and put it under my head. I sighed. I almost thought we weren’t going to make it. Well I guess we could still not make it, as we aren’t out of here yet, but you get what I mean.

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