Born Wild

Guess you'll just have to read and find out. ;)


1. Prologue

The men and women of the Royal Council stood in the meadow, all gathered in a circle. They were debating on where the Royal Heir was located, or if they were even alive. 

    “The Royal Heir must be located before the Gorgen find them. It could put the Heir in danger,” said one of the older women, her age going on to well over 400, and her soft skin, suggested she was a mink.

    “Yes, I agree,” said one of the younger males, brawny and bulky, one of the many bears. “If the Gorgen find the heir, it could not only put the Heir in danger, but all of the Shifter species.”

    “After the Gorgen killed the entire Royal Family, some Shifters have questioned whether or not they will be saved,” said another young male, another bear.

    They all murmured in agreement. 

    The one that wore the white cloak instead of a colored cloak, the leader of the group, the falcon, and the Queen or Kings Royal Advisor spoke up and said, “Well, of course we must find the Heir! The only question is which of us would be brave enough to search for the heir.”

    The Council members looked at each other, none wanting to put their lives in danger to find the Heir.

    “I will,” said a servant. It was a wolf boy about the age of 10. “I will search for the heir.”

    The members of the Council laughed. They did not believe that this young foolish boy could ever find the Heir. 

    One of the oldest Council members, who was as blind as a bat, said, “Enough! This boy has more bravery and more kindness than any of us combined! He is the one who will find the heir!”

    The members of the Council shushed, as she was the most respected of the Council, and bats were very wise, because although, they were blind, they knew exactly what was happening everywhere they went..

    She walked towards the boy, and placed a hand on his shoulder.

    “My young boy, this task that you are about to embark on will put you through some of the most trying tasks, and you risk your life searching for the Heir.”

    “I know the risk of the journey, but I believe that the Queen is very important to me.”

    “The ‘Queen’,” asked the leader of the Council.

    “Yes, the Queen,” said the eldest Council member. “The Heir is a she.”

    “And how do you know this?”

    “I saw her in a dream. She had hair as smooth as silk, and the color of tree bark, with rays of sun in her hair. Her eyes are the color of the green grass, the bluest of skies, and the angriest of storms. She has the poise and grace of the most skilled warrior, and a heart that pumps nothing but kindness and love for those she cares for.”

    “And what is her gift,” asked one of the smarter Council members, an owl.

    “Her gift,” said the wise woman. “Is the World.”

    The members of the Council looked at each other quizzically.

    “What does that mean,” asked the leader.

    “That means,” she said. “That her Highness, can create and destroy, the creatures of the Earth will obey her every wish, even if it means their death. She can shift into any living or nonliving thing. She will never die.”

    The boy sat there in awe, thinking about the Queen, and he could imagine her beautiful features. He had fallen in love with the unborn Queen, and he decided that he would not die, so he would be able to spend his whole life loving her. And even if she fell in love with someone else, he would let her go, because he devoted his life at that moment to his Queen. And her happiness was his happiness. 

    “Well boy, what are you waiting for? Search for her,” the old woman told the boy.

    The boy turned around and ran towards his horse, that he so discretely stashed in the woods. He hopped on his valiant black steed, and rode towards the village, thinking of the perfect Queen.

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