Jenny And Jace

What if you'd fallen in love with someone who happened to be with your close friend? What if you were with someone you didn't want to be with? What if whatever you wanted seemed like it was never coming true?

This is Jenny's story. And this is exactly what she's going through.



No, it was never meant to be. It was always Kylie and Jace, and that made Jenny pretty uncomfortable. Jenny and Jace seemed like a joke, shoo-ed away with the wave of a hand. But in Jenny’s world, it was THE fantasy. If only her world was his world, too… *** Jenny stood outside her classroom, playing with her hands and looking around. She ran her hands through her shoulder-length uneven hair, trying to keep it from going out of control. Giving up on it, she sighed. She was cold, but she had avoided the extra layers of clothing. She didn’t want to look fatter than she was. People passing would wave at her, and talk for a few minutes, and then leave her alone again as they saw another one of their many friends. She was used to it, she didn’t really mind. She had friends, no doubt, but she wasn’t too close to anyone. Large groups of people made her worried, which is why she spent all her free time observing other people. She always knew the talk of the school, not because she was well-connected or anything, just because of her keen eyes and sharp ears. She saw the usual- girls chasing boys, people wishing the Birthday Boy, shouting and playing, commenting on dressing sense, etc. Kylie walked up to her and hugged her, their everyday routine. Every day they would act like they were meeting after ages. Jenny smiled wide, and screamed, “ALLO!” to which Kylie pulled her down to the floor, to sit and talk. Kylie told her about this cute conversation she had with Jace, and how her teacher praised her for doing this perfect dance routine, cutting Jenny whenever she tried to speak. When Jenny finally did start talking, Kylie seemed bored and gestured Jace behind her to come over. He made his way through the crowd, and his best friend Rylie tagged along. Jace tapped Jenny’s head, and hugged Kylie, to which Rylie and Jenny shared a knowing smile. Rylie hi-fived Jenny, and talked to her about all sorts of things, while Kylie and Jace went all lovey-dovey beside them. She saw Rylie’s eyes look at them with the corner of her eyes, getting rather uncomfortable. The bell rang for attendance, and everyone started flooding into the classroom. Jenny waited for Kylie, and they walked inside together. While Ms. Bunson took the attendance and asked the class to be silent, Kylie screamed across the class to talk to her friends. Jenny shook her head at the boys sitting around her, and went to the assembly hall with Grace. In the assembly after the attendance, Kylie went to sit with all the ‘cool-kids’, while Jenny stayed at the back with Grace, where they shared sarcastic comments and discussed Grace’s many crush problems. Jenny listened patiently, though her eyes eagerly looked for Jace. He was there, sitting with Rylie, and she saw his eyes meet Kylie’s. She coughed, hoping he’d look at her, but he didn’t. Rylie probably felt her eyes towards him, and looked at her. He smiled, and although she felt weird, she smiled back at him. She looked down, embarrassed, and waited for the assembly to end. While walking back to class, she saw Rylie speeding up his pace to come towards her, and she walked faster, too, smiling to herself. Grace saw her smile and said something Jenny couldn’t catch. Just before first period started, Grace and Jenny always took a round of the locker room, and where walking towards it when Rylie finally came next to her a pulled her away to the corner of the corridor. “I have to tell you something. Just promise not to freak out.”
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