Nothing Feels Real

Ok so the inspiration for this story has Come from the Twenty Øne Piløts album 'Blurryface'
This is going to be a 12-14 part story based on what my thoughts are about Blurryface and what would happen if he where real... I have posted this on my wattpad which is @phanwhisk


2. Screams

I decided that I was probably better off looking like an absolute idiot rather than coping with the dire pain in my neck. (A/N: Speaking of pains in the neck... I haven't heard much from Sam Pepper recently?)

I packed my stuff and carried on walking through what felt like endless forest, stumbling every so often... But I due to the amount of fecking twigs on the ground- I think anyone would.

I paused. What was that sound? A whisper? A scream? I turned around. Nothing to be seen. What was going on?

I remembered that this entire bloody place was crazy and that I should abandon all of my knowledge of the world as I knew it.

There was that sound again. Someone was crying, I had no idea who... But someone was. I dedicated to follow the sound. As I got closer; the sound became louder and more violent and the cries sounded more desperate and pitiful.

I wasn't lead to a person or animal as I'd predicted... But to a mirror, and a smashed one at that. God knows how long this one had been here.

There was ivy and other plants similar to that spiralled around the beautifully carved oak frame.

I peered into it. What was going on?

That pain in my neck was caused by this weird black stuff that was covering the entirety of my shoulders up to my jawline.

My hands where black too, I assumed it was just from the blood but nothing went onto my neck? I needed answers.

"What the fuck is going on?" I screamed knowing that no one would be able to answer me.


However sometimes, quiet is violent. (A/N: bonus points if you get le song that's from)

I grabbed onto the mirror and punched it. The razor sharp shards cut into my hand and soon enough blood was oozing out of them. Great.

But what I didn't expect was that the second time I touched the mirror, it rippled. Like not because it was flimsy or whatever. It just rippled. It looked like the effect made on a river when a stone is thrown in the middle of it. Aesthetic, however creepy. I needed to know what the hell was up with everything.

What was gøing øn with my hands and neck? I needed tø knøw...

Word count: 398

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