The Game

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Falling in love with a bad boy who hates me was not part of the plan.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

"I need to finish school work early so I can finish my work shift and get home and relax." Adria said as her fingers combed her blonde hair back. I took my hair band from my wrist and gave it to her. She gave me a smile.

"Well, I couldn't care less about school work. Today I'm going to make sure Michael gets embarrassed and never gets laid." I said to her as I started walking with her to the girls bathroom. She gave a laugh. I literally was going to end Michael's sex life.

"You think girls are going to believe its his?" Adria asked as she opened the bathroom door. I checked the bathroom stalls cowering down making sure none of his bimbo followers were seeing what we were up too. Empty.

"We're good to go."

Adria bit her lower lip with her top teeth in excitement. A habit that my best friend had always had. She took out a folder from her backpack. She immediately started laughing when she saw the hundreds of papers with pictures of a small dick.

"My photoshop skills are on point." She said as she tapped on a smiley face tattoo that was rumored to be tattooed on Michael's thigh next to his dick.

Out of all the girls in school who had the displeasure of fucking Michael Clifford, I only got along with one and she was kind enough to tell me about his tattoo. So, Adria looked up for a picture of a small dick and photoshopped a smiley face on his thigh. She looked at me with an evil grin, took out tape, and we both started putting up the pictures in all of the bathrooms and then to the hallways.

Hours later...

My dark long hair tickled my back as I took off my jean jacket. I had one class left and then the weekend came. I needed to make sure Adria got to relax and chill this weekend. That was a priority. I took out some hot pink nail polish and started painting my nails. I was so concentrated that I didn't even notice that there was someone looking at me. I looked up to see one of Michael's minions.


His blonde hair was the first thing I noticed about him. He bit his lip and stared down at me with anger. I smiled. He leaned down, nearing his face to mine. His eyes full on anger.

"You crossed the line." He said in a deep tone.

" I don't care." I spit back at him.

At that moment Adria walked in the classroom. Her eyes fixed on her notebooks and paperwork. For some strange reason Luke noticed her presence and backed away from me. He looked at me with an angered expression and walked to his seat. Adria sat in front of the classroom, while I sat in the back of it.

Was Michael so offended he couldn't face me? Poor him. I was ready for whatever he was going to throw at me. So. Fucking. Ready.

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