The Valkyrie Chronicles: Revelations

After defeating Satan again Michael Valkyrie now must try to get his wife back and somehow regain her memories before someone close from her past captures her and tries to repeat the same evil he has done using her.


9. 9

The Challenger came out of warp with two Constitution class starships at first following behind and firing torpedoes but then stopped and turned around once the Challenger entered the Terra II system and a male voice said, “Good maneuvering commander, prepare for reentry into Terra II.”, and the hanger doors opened and the VerKa climbed on top of the body as a female voice said, “It’s going to be bumpy, make sure you are holding onto the saucer section.”, the VerKa climbed up the neck and was on top of the saucer as Terra II grew bigger in front of it and the gundam drew its beam cannon.  DNA then pulled out a box like communicator and said, “Is the ship ready?”, a rough male voice said, “We’ve been ready you pathetic worm!”, DNA said with anger, “Hey!  Lord Vegeta expects me to arrive in one piece!  Do you want me to tell him that you have been uncooperative?!”, there was a low growl and the rough voice said, “No, we are...”, a voice in the background said, “Sir, a Zhargosian ship is approaching!”, DNA was then cut off and he looked shocked and yelled, “TAMAR!  What’s going on!”, and he kept fumbling with the communicator till he looked up and saw the soldiers and Chloe looked behind him in shock while Michael smirked and he looked back and his face had a look of horror and said to himself, “Impossible.”, and they all saw a fiery object entering the atmosphere.  There was a sonic boom as the Challenger barreled down with yellow flames surrounding the ship’s shields leaving trails of flame and smoke behind it as the VerKa held onto the top of the saucer section lying down with its beam held tightly onto its right shoulder.  The pilot held onto the controls tightly as the cockpit shook with the bullseye aimed at the window Dr. DNA is standing behind of and a female voice said, “B’rel approaching the target!”, the male said, “Stay calm.  Are we through yet?”, the flames outside the ship disappeared and the smoke cleared revealing the Challenger and the VerKa aiming its beam cannon at Dr. DNA as he looked shocked and yelled in his communicator, “BEAM ME NOW!”, and a B’rel decloaked as it flew in front and right over them and DNA dematerialized.  The bullseye was still shacking from reentry and after a few seconds the male pulled the trigger as he looked intently at the target and the beam cannon fired sending a bolt of light at the building and at the same time the soldiers then looked at Michael and Chloe and aimed their rifles but then Michael and Chloe dematerialized and the beam shot struck the floor and the soldiers vanished in the light and the top half of the building exploded as the Challenger pulled up and flew just above the flames and debris.


    Michael and Chloe rematerialized in a back alley and they looked at each other puzzled and they heard a sonic boom and they both ran out on the street and saw people looking up and Michael and Chloe looked up into the sky and Michael saw with his enhanced vision the B’rel heading up towards space but the Challenger made a sharp up turn and began to give chase zipping through multiple clouds and they both started to trail flames and Michael yelled in excitement, “GET’EM!”, and shook his fist in the air as Chloe looked at him with an odd expression.  The VerKa remained on the saucer as the Challenger chased after the B’rel and tried to target the ship as the Challenger shook around it and a female voice said, “I don’t know how long I can hold this!”, the helmet of the VerKa pilot reflected the bullseye that is shacking and red around the engine of the B’rel as reentry flames surrounded the ship’s outline while onboard the B’rel there was a lot of shouting as the Saiyans saw the Challenger giving chase and the captain yelled, “MORE SPEED!”, another saiyan said, “The engine’s at maximum!”, as they saw the Challenger remaining close behind Dr. DNA (in a new suit) sneered in anger and ran off as Tamar looked behind and yelled, “HEY!  WHERE ARE YOU GOING?”, Tamar chased after him and DNA jumped into one of the pods and the hatch closed just before Tamar could reach him and the pod ejected as Tamar screamed, “NOOOO!”, the pilot of the VerKa saw the pod fell away but remained focused on the B’rel and pulled the trigger firing the beam cannon and it hit the single engine of the B’rel dead on and Tamar and the other eleven saiyans screamed as they were surrounded by light and the B’rel exploded before the Challenger sped right through the flames and debris as they flew past or bounced off the VerKa till the Challenger reentered space.  Michael yelped, “YEAH!”, and he jumped up in the air with his fist high as Chloe looked at him like he is crazy and said, “Dude stop acting like a child, it’s embarrassing.”, and Michael looked around and saw some people looking at him and he calmed down and said, “Yeah, let’s get back.”, Chloe looked at him shocked and said, “But what about that psychopath?!”, Michael said, “We don’t know where he is or where he’s going so we have no choice.  Plus the whole planet is now after him so we can relax a little.”, and Michael hailed a taxi like there’s no problem as Chloe looked at him confused.


    They both entered the warehouse and saw Gabriel sitting in front of the tv shaking his head as he watched the news of the whole incident and Michael said, “Hey Gab, is this what you have been doing all day?  We could have used your help out there!”, Gabriel said, “I was being chewed out by Starfleet and Zhargosia when they heard what’s going on and now I’m trying to figure out an excuse to cover our asses.”, Michael laughed and waved a hand at him and said, “Oh come on, I know you can smooth talk out of anything!  Remember that mean bird that kept peeking Ryok?”, Gabriel said, “And used it for target practice.  Yeah I remember, but I shot at a bird not an entire block, let alone the Challenger flying out of nowhere and blew up half a building and another space ship IN THE OPEN!”, and he looked at Michael and Chloe frustrated.  Michael put his hands in front and said, “Okay, I’ll just let you be.  It’s cool.”, and Gabriel slumped back in his chair and Chloe grabbed one of Michael’s hands and was about to pull him upstairs to his surprise till Gabriel said, “So Chloe, how was your unfortunate reunion?”, Chloe said, “It turned out well when Michael arrived and showed me his true self, plus that guy told me more about my twin sisters and daughter.”, Gabriel looked back at them as Chloe was about to pull Michael up the stairs and said, “And?  How do you feel about it?”, Chloe looked at Michael, nodded and said, “I think he’s hot.”, and she smiled as did Michael while Gabriel looked back at the tv and grunted in frustration and Chloe said, “Okay Mr. Different, let’s see how much you are different in our room.”, and Gabriel sighed as he rolled his eyes as both Chloe and Michael laughed and he was about to follow her till one of his internal sensors flashed and he saw a glimpse of a shadow and he zoomed in his sight to see what it is and Chloe saw him standing there and looking as if he is in a trance and looked worried and said, “Michael what is it?”, then Michael yelled, “TAKE COVER!”, then the front doors of the warehouse exploded and SWAT teams entered and yelled, “GET ON THE GROUND NOW!”, and Michael grabbed Chloe and he jumped behind a large desk as the SWAT fired at them and Gabriel immediately ducted down when the SWAT entered and once the SWAT stopped firing Gabriel looked up and a SWAT soldier said, “GET UP!”, and Gabriel said, “Okay.”, and in a flash Gabriel pulled out his fancy designed six shooter and shot both of them in the face.  More SWAT smashed through the side windows and Gabriel quickly fired the remaining rounds to his left and took cover as they fired and blew apart the tv and he crawled his way to where Michael and Chloe are as the SWAT swarmed in and said, “Now what?”, but before Michael could say anything they all dematerialized.

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