The Valkyrie Chronicles: Revelations

After defeating Satan again Michael Valkyrie now must try to get his wife back and somehow regain her memories before someone close from her past captures her and tries to repeat the same evil he has done using her.


6. 6

The next couple of days Chloe’s fighting skills improved and Michael got word from hacking into a cell network of a big drug deal and he decided to take Chloe out to see what she has learned.  When they reached an empty house Michael told her he will watch over with a sniper rifle as she goes in and once she’s done he will call the police to pick them up and the Green Comet agreed except she decided to go in without her swords.  She snuck inside through the back as the drug runners were loading from a 18 wheeler to the house and boats in the back and Michael heard from his earpiece a lot of punching, grunting, screaming and kicking till he heard and saw two flashes of gun shots and a guy blasted through the wall to a high hedge row outside and the rest of them outside started running or get into their vehicles as Michael fired away with darts able to take some of them while the rest fled and he saw the Green Comet walk out brushing debris from her shoulders and Michael smirked.  They went out again and found another big drug distribution center along the river and noticed there was a small police force of four squad cars that are on their payroll and a lot of guards that are armed to the teeth plus drug transporting boats and skids with machine gun tripods and the Green Comet asked Michael how are they able going to get in there and he said his version of knocking.


    The planted C-4 on the door to the warehouse (after cutting the wire to the camera) and he told the Green Comet to plug her ears because this is going to be loud and he laughed, he knocked on the door and Michael moved back around the corner and when the guard opened the visual slot Michael pressed the trigger and the door and entrance way exploded and Michael charged in and the song “Long Tall Sally” by Little Richard blared in the loudspeakers in and outside the warehouse first shocking the dealers and gunmen before Michael fired away with an assault rifle as the Green Comet fired her M9’s as both sides exchanged fire while Michael and the Green Comet moved in around large crates as splinters were blown off and when one of the skids was being manned Michael grabbed a gas drum, threw it at the tripod, destroying it while also knocking the gunner down and Michael smashed a glass case on the wall and pulled out a flare gun, fired it and the flare hit the skid causing a large explosion and screams.  One of the gunmen jumped in front of him and Michael kicked the guy in the chest and said, “Goodbye!”, as he fell in the water and as more jumped him Michael slinged his machine gun and started kicking and slicing people up with his Rambo like knife and threw smaller blades at others farther back that tried to shoot him.  In the process the Green Comet hit one corrupt cop in the throat and he fell choking to death from the impact and she made a roundhouse kick another in the face, grabbed another and threw him over her head smashing through a crate and into the other end of the warehouse hitting the wall, then kicked another in the face as she flipped in the air and grabbed another by the neck and snapped it before punching another in the face so hard that it killed him.  Just when the fighting started to die down a boat and two skids showed up and had guns trained on them and Michael made a roundhouse kick on an oil drum and it flew and smashed into the lead boat before Michael pulled out his machine gun and fired causing the boat to explode and the skids to flip over while the Green Comet looked at him in shock.  Michael stood confidently but then bent over and rubbed his foot and said, “Ow, I haven’t done that in a while.”, the Green Comet said, “In a while?  That should hut considering it was filled with gas!”, Michael said, “I practice a lot, and I wasn’t even trying to think how much it weighed.”, they zipped tied the rest including the corrupt cops and Michael used one of their computers in their squad cars to find out these drugs (which turned out to be heroin) came from a John Drax and his corporate headquarters building before he called the police and he and the Green Comet left.


    Michael pulled up in front of the corporate headquarters as the Green Comet looked surprised and said, “Why are we here?  We have no idea of the layout and what kind of security they have in there!”, Michael said, “But they do not know we would be here, let alone expect us.”, he then punched her on the shoulder and said, “Come on, it’s going to be fun!”, the Green Comet said, “In your own mind.”, and they entered the building where there was a reception desk and two private security soldiers stood waiting for them and trained their guns on them and one said, “Put your hands up and lie on the floor now!”, Michael and the Green Comet put their hands up and Michael looked at the Green Comet and said, “They’re all yours.”, the Green Comet said, “No I’ll leave them to you this time.”, Michael looked confused and said, “What?  Come on I need a break once in a while!”, soldier yelled, “Quiet!  Face forward!”, they both ignored him and the Green Comet said, “From what I have been seeing you don’t need a break.”, Michael said, “Oh come on!  That’s not fair!”, soldier yelled and he and his companion moved closer and said, “I said shut up and...”, when he was pointing his automatic rifle at the side of Michael’s face as he still argued with the Green Comet Michael grabbed the tip of the rifle, turned it away, kicked the soldier in the crotch and spun him around and shot the other in the forehead leaving a black hole as he fell and kicked the soldier he was holding his gun in the back and he flew forward and hit the desk with his chest and he fell gasping for breath as Michael kicked him in the head knocking him out as Michael and the Green Comet walked by and she said, “Told you can handle it.”, and Michael sighed and muttered under his breath as the Green Comet smiled and made a low laugh.  


    Two more soldiers stood outside the elevator doors with their machine rifles drawn and when the elevator sounded its arrival they fired leaving holes through the doors and in the elevator till they ran out of ammo and they drew their handguns before the doors opened and showed no one inside.  They moved in only once they entered a knife from each side stabbed into their heads through either their left or right temples before they dropped and Michael and the Green Comet exited the elevator with their handguns drawn only to find out the floor and the hallway leading to the office was deserted and the Green Comet said, “Are you sure this is the right floor?”, Michael looked at her sarcastically and said, “Yes, I can read a map.”, and they walked slowly to the end of the hallway till they kicked the double doors open to see a blonde haired man sitting behind a large desk looking out the large windows to the night lit city with his back to them and Michael said, “Its over Drax.  We got your shipment of drugs and you are going down big time.”, and a strange voice said, “Good.”, and he turned to face them and it was Dr. DNA and he said, “Because it is none of my concern.”, and at that moment more black clad soldiers appeared and both Michael and the Green Comet noticed that they all look like the two soldiers at the reception desk and Michael said, “Dr. DNA, what are you doing here?”, he smiled and said, “Just want to see two familiar faces, especially one from my own blood line.”, the Green Comet looked at him confused then Dr. DNA said, “Kill him, and bring her to me.”, Michael and the Green Comet threw their hands back as they turned around and a series of blades flew and struck the dozen soldiers in the throats and Michael pulled out his .44 but then Dr. DNA ran out from his chair as Michael fired a round on the desk top and made a large hole where Dr. DNA’s head was and Dr. DNA ran towards the windows laughing as he covered his face with his forearms as he smashed through and fell.  Michael and the Green Comet ran up and saw him flew away in what looked like a rocket propelled glider as he continued laughing in the distance leaving Michael angry while the Green Comet looked at Michael and the disappearing Dr. DNA with both anger and confusion.

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