The Valkyrie Chronicles: Revelations

After defeating Satan again Michael Valkyrie now must try to get his wife back and somehow regain her memories before someone close from her past captures her and tries to repeat the same evil he has done using her.


5. 5

The next couple of days Michael laid low and heard one of Chloe’s friends father was killed in an auto accident and heard she and Mark are attending his funeral.  He drove to the cemetery and waited in his car at the far end of the caravan while they were paying their respects till he noticed a separate funeral where all the attendants were muscular and they tore off their suits to reveal not funeral like clothing beneath and Michael ducked and exited the right side of the car as the hired gunmen fired on the crowd where police were overseeing and noticed they were not shooting at the crowd but at the police providing protection and Chloe shoved her friend she was comforting away when one of the gunmen fired a M1 grenade that exploded close and sent Chloe flying back into a statue.  Michael quickly ran/crawled over to Chloe as she still lied face forward on the ground and shook her as he spoke firmly, “Chloe?  Chloe.”, Chloe opened her eyes and tried to get up as she saw her friend being kidnapped but couldn’t under Michael’s strong hand on her back holding her down.  He told her to crawl to his car so they can save her friend.  They were able to make their way to his car as the gunmen still fired covering their escape when the van pulled away and Michael floored the Challenger as it sped out of the cemetery and ended up on the highway.  Michael told Chloe to get the gun in the glove box and she climbed out onto the hood as he drove up behind the van and she jumped onto the roof and he pulled away to the right side as she fired through the roof and the gunman in the passenger seat looked out and pointed his gun but Michael slammed his car against the side knocking the gun out of his hand and Chloe fired but missed him as he stuck his head back in.  The driver swerved the van and Chloe fell but grabbed on the holes on the roof while losing her gun and shots fired from inside the van through the roof and Chloe squirmed around to dodge the shots as Michael slowed and got behind the van and once the doors opened Michael pulled out his M9 and fired out his driver’s window shooting one gunman holding the door into his forehead and another holding the girl in the chest and fell back.  Michael held his hand out indicating the girl to stay inside and he drove back up to the right where the driver of the van resumed swerving and Michael slammed his car to the right side of the van every time he swerved and Chloe grabbed the top driver’s door rim and she flipped and smashed the door window with her feet and kicked the driver’s head in making a snapping sound and she flew inside grabbed the passenger’s head with both her feet and snapped his neck before quickly got in control of the van and pulled over.  After Chloe got out she immediately jumped into Michael’s car and drove away before the police arrive.


    Chloe told Michael to drop her off at her safe house so she can grab her things and she’ll meet him at his safe house with his brother and once he did he drove off so he won’t attract attention with his damaged car and drove outside of town to his and Gabriel’s safe house and waited for her.  As he waited he watched the news and heard about the incident at the cemetery and the van and then he saw breaking news where he saw a girl in a purple and black bike suit was surrounded by police just past the bridge outside the state she came from and she raised her hands as every cop trained their guns on her.  She was forced on the ground and her helmet was yanked off to show Chloe’s face as one of the cops put a gun to her head as they cuffed her and dragged her to one of the squad cars.  Michael immediately got up and started making his way back to his car till Gabriel grabbed him from behind and yelled, “No, no brother!”, Michael struggled and yelled, “She needs help!”, Gabriel yelled, “And where is she going huh?!  Where are you going to find her?!”, and Michael stopped and said, “Alright, alright.”, Gabriel said, “Now just wait, I’ll find out where they are taking her.”, he waited glued to the tv to see if they will tell or show her again but didn’t and just repeated the news and Gabriel came back and told him she has been sentence to 25 years in a women’s high security facility prison upstate and in his opinion she is far too gone.  Michael said with a stern gaze, “No she isn’t.”, and there was a short silence when Gabriel looked surprised and said, “No, no, that’s suicide!”, and Michael smirked.


    Chloe was put in isolation and had both her arms restrained across her chest and remained there for two days being spoon fed and used the bathroom as she was being watched by both a Federal agent and every other version of law enforcement to make sure she doesn’t pull any hidden tricks to escape and she was given fire hose showers as well.  The next night the guards were patrolling the prison as usual till there were muffled pops and the main power went out and when one of the guards tried to use his radio there was no sound coming out (even static) and there was a growing sound of a car racing towards the prison as the song “Hold Tight” by Beaky, Dave Dee, Dozy, Mick and Tich blared in the air and the guards and police guarding one of the gates where the sound was approaching they aimed their handguns, shotguns and assault rifles down the road and the sound grew even louder but there were still no headlights and it sounded like the vehicle was almost upon them and they fired at will.  They still couldn’t see the vehicle till all of a sudden they were blinded by a set of headlights and a white new Dodge Challenger barreled through the fence and crushed the surprised screaming guards beneath the fence and the car as it was still being shot at and more cops, guards and now SWAT stood at one of the entrances to the facility and fired only for two SWAT to be slammed down to the ground and be crushed beneath the cars tires as the Challenger smashed through the fake metal doors and made a new hallway in its path by smashing through a few metal and plaster walls, destroyed desks and sending glass, paper and debris all over the place and tore cables and lights creating sparks as well as other guards and prison personnel were either crushed beneath the car or were thrown or dodge from the car’s path till it stopped when it slammed into a concrete wall creating large cracks up to the ceiling from the impact of the smashed-in front of the Dodge Challenger.


    The driver side door flew off as Michael kicked it and when he stood up he drew an assault rifle and shotgun and was chewing something in his mouth when all of a sudden a squad of SWAT appeared before him with machine guns drawn and told Michael to put his guns down or they will shoot him.  A ball of bubble gum appeared and popped as he continued chewing it leaving a couple of the SWAT confused and Michael said, “A little intense for a small break in.”, they all looked puzzled at this point and Michael said, “Maybe you need to chill.”, and he fired his shogun and they were all hit but to their surprise they saw feathered darts where they were shot and they fell passed out and Michael made a short laugh and said, “Come on, I’m not that demented.”, and he continued onwards with the alarm going off.  Chloe sat quietly in a corner with her arms still bound up as there were sounds of shooting outside and yelling till it stopped and the door to her room was torn from its hinges and she looked up to see Michael standing there chewing gum and she just stared at him in silence till he said, “What?”, Chloe said, “Seriously?  Chewing gum while shooting people?”, Michael said, “Not really, more like giving them some sleepy time and he smiled even as one of the guards moaned and kicked him to shut him up.


    A section of the cement wall exploded outwards and Michael and Chloe (wearing SWAT gear) ran out and the guards rushed in surrounding them but Michael and Chloe charged at them before they could and started punching and kicking their way out with some of them flying in the air due to Michael’s strong kicks and punches and once they punched and kicked their way through one of the guards pulled out his gun and aimed at Chloe’s back only for Michael to push a button on his hand and his car blew up incinerating it and the surrounding rooms causing the floors above and close by to collapse and the shock wave knocked the guard down before he could fire.  They ran into the woods and Michael covered Chloe as she continued running by pulling out a rifled gatling gun and fired darts at the police and SWAT behind and to the right and left using their flashlights to zero in on their location as he fired and Chloe stopped at the edge of a road and heard the sound of sirens and an armada of police vehicles approaching as she saw their lights and Chloe said, “Now what?!”, he then ripped two large bushes from the ground with both of his hands with ease to reveal his motorcycle and they both got on and drove away and Chloe yelled, “Great idea, but they will still see us!”, he pressed a button on his handlebar and a metal like barrier formed around and enclosing them and reflective like panels turned on and they disappeared and Chloe said, “Nice.”, and they sped away as the police and other emergency and authority vehicles turned to the prison.


    The door to the warehouse opened and the bike reappeared as the reflective shielding folded back.  The exterior of the abandon warehouse looked beauty but inside it looks brand new and is laid out with training gear and a boxing ring on one end and the other looks like a mixture of an auto body and gun shop with a catwalk overhead in the middle with three bedrooms to the right and three offices to the left.  Chloe got off the bike but before Michael could say anything she went upstairs and into one of the bedrooms and closed the door making Michael sigh with sadness.  The first night Michael heard Chloe crying in the next room and he went over and asked her if she is alright but she said it’s not of his fucking business and Michael closed the door behind himself and said the it isn’t and he sat next to her in bed and insisted on what’s troubling her because if she keeps it to herself it is just going to make it worse.  While she laid curled up in her bed she told him about the harsh verbal interrogations, the isolation and the water hosing she went through while she was in prison and the guards watched, laughed and made cruel sexual comments to her and Michael laid next to her and told her he will stay with her sos she will have someone to talk to or needs help and he pulled up the covers and cuddled around her (while she clasped his arms) while she slept.  The next day he decided to help train Chloe and when she remembered the promise they had she was excited and more than willing to beat the crap out of him but when they started training she was outclassed and got her butt handed over but Michael told her she is doing fine but she just needs to learn a few more moves to counterattack her opponent and use his/her defenses and attacks against him or her and more endurance and he showed her a few moves.  The next night as Michael slept alone he awoke to find Chloe sitting on top of him with a knife to his throat and he asked calmly (ignoring the knife) why is she holding a knife to his throat and she said in light of what has happened she wants to know what’s in that Challenger sea chest and what is so important that he can’t tell her and he said she will know in good time and she said she will give him her word that he is not a liar because so far he never lied to her on any promises he makes and she leaned over and kissed him.  She then smiled and kissed him again this time longer and deeper and Michael then raised his hands and caressed her face and she dropped the knife as she held his face.

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