The Valkyrie Chronicles: Revelations

After defeating Satan again Michael Valkyrie now must try to get his wife back and somehow regain her memories before someone close from her past captures her and tries to repeat the same evil he has done using her.


4. 4

For the next few days Michael listened to the police banner and answered all calls related to domestic violence and robbery making people that are dressed up superheros or want to be’s ask to join him but Michael does not answer till Gabriel came by as Michael was watching the new and told him that he heard Chloe was going out to a party with a football player and Michael thought she will be alright but decided to do a quick background check anyways and found out that the player is connected with girls that dislike Chloe and Michael told Gabriel he is going out cause he’s got a bad feeling about this.  


    Chloe started walking home in the middle of the woods walking along a road in her dress as the college girls pulled a prank on her using her fake boyfriend as bait and date ditched her.  A new white Dodge Challenger pulled up to her alongside of the road and followed as Chloe said, “You could have helped me.”, Michael said, “And how would you explain to the police if they found out you left unscathed while eighteen of them are lying bleeding on the ground?”, and he smirked but she didn’t and he said, “Get in, I’ll give you a lift.”, and she stopped walking and told him if he makes a wrong turn or touches her he will have to be spoon fed for the rest of his life and Michael laughed and told her to just get in.  During the drive he noticed her holding back her tears and he told her to go ahead it was not her fault and it is better to let it out, but she told him to go fuck himself because no real brave person cries and Michael said, “That’s a load of crap.”, Michael told her she looks really good in the dress and she thanked him and Michael added does he need to pay a visit to this football player and give him a world of pain but she ignored him and asked how he beat up those guys in the gas station and Michael smiled and replied she should figure that out and he told her if she is in trouble to just call him on the secured net he programmed into her phone and he will take her to their place and she asked did he touch anything else that is hers and he said no that is it and he swears it and he drops her off and told her good night and to his surprised she kissed him full on the lips and he asked what was that for and she said, “You figure it out hacker.”, and she left as she got out and they both waved before Michael pulled out.

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