The Valkyrie Chronicles: Revelations

After defeating Satan again Michael Valkyrie now must try to get his wife back and somehow regain her memories before someone close from her past captures her and tries to repeat the same evil he has done using her.


1. 1

On Terra II in an alley a male figure rematerialized to reveal Michael wearing black leather and jeans and said, “I hope this is low profile enough.”, and smiled before throwing a small bag over his shoulder and walked out.  He entered a one story home where on the other side of the backyard is a two story house and inside his own home there was already furnishing and when he looked in the garage he saw a Harley and a White Dodge Challenger and smiled and said, “Groovy.”, a beeping noise went off and Michael pulled out his communicator and pressed a button and a see-through glass computer came up from a mechanic table to his right and he said, “Even more.”, the computer opened some files showing Chloe’s new background as he sat down and read through.  At a college called Rivertown Chloe was waiting outside till a cab pulled up and a person that looked like a janitor exited on her side to reveal it was Michael and he said, “Excuse me.”, Chloe said, “No problem.”, and she entered the cab and closed the door before pulling out and Michael looked on heartbroken but walked away as he looked down to his communicator to see the tracker is still working in the cab.


    Once he completed his interview for the janitor role at Chloe’s college he went to the place where the cab dropped her off and walked down an alley and scanned the area to find the door that leads to a place where he found out she still has the habit of herself as a hero or the Green Comet and found the place loaded with training gear and weapons and he knew that Chloe still remembers good taste in weapons and he left and decided to wait for her when she comes back because he knows she has some mode of transportation and she did come back driving a green motorcycle and as she went inside he planted a tracking device on her motorcycle to know where she patrols.  When he went home he first took a shower and relaxed in the house by dancing to “Uptight” by Steve Wonder wearing only a towel around him and when he looked out the back he stopped dancing and noticed Chloe was staring at him through her bedroom window on the second floor, Michael yelled, “Oh crap!”, and he tried to grab the curtains only to trip on the short table and when he fell his towel came off reveal his butt.  He immediately grabbed the curtain and closed it not seeing Chloe laughing and another adult standing next to her shocked and he looked down and saw himself unwrapped and he cringed and said, “Damn, there goes that first impression.”, and he got up and got dressed.  He rang the doorbell to the house Chloe is in and a large muscleman appeared and he introduced himself and the muscleman as Mark Turtillo and he called Chloe.  When she appeared she introduced herself and pretended nothing was wrong till Mark told her to apologize to Michael for staring at him through her bedroom window.  He then told Michael that if he doesn’t want anymore trouble he better keep the curtains closed if Michael decides to run around his own home without any clothes on and Chloe giggled as Michael tried to keep a serious expression but is having a hard time and Mark glared at her and she stopped.  Michael apologized but he is use to living upstate and he assured Mark that it won’t happen again.  Mark approved and he told Michael because of what Chloe did she will accept any form of punishment just as long as it’s outside the house and Chloe looked up at Mark in shock and Michael said she can paint outside the whole house and repair it and Mark agreed and asked when  and Michael said the day after tomorrow and Michael left.

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