A new story I've just begun writing.
Inspired by Goosebumps movie, sort of my take on what the story should have been like. (Not a fanfic though)
Fantasy, supernatural and a few other special ingredients to make things interesting.
I don't know where it'll go but I feel inspired and full of ideas right now.
Hope you enjoy.


2. ii - Characterization

Do you ever get that feeling? You know, when you're sure you should remember something which feels like it should be obvious but you just can't. You have it on the tip of the tongue but it doesn't come out... It's an extremely frustrating state of mind, I assure you even if I'm sure you've already been in this case. Well you can imagine my annoyance when I got home after that weird incident. And it went on like this the whole evening and onto the following day. I was so sure I'd seen that girl's face somewhere but I definitely couldn't, for the life of me, in what circumstances. Her name apparently was Gwen from what I had heard but it didn't help one bit. I couldn't remember anything about her other than the fact that she was somehow familiar.

Well, you know what's worse than spending a whole night and morning puzzled by such an insignificant matter? I'll tell you what's worse, what's worse is when you definitely can't find the origin of that feeling of familiarity, you think about it, over and over, you try to put your finger on it but it keeps bugging you. And then, suddenly, somehow, the answer is given to you in the most simple way possible and you feel like an idiot because you realize it was so obvious and you can't understand how you could not have thought about that earlier. Basically you hate yourself for the rest of the day for being so stupid. Or is that just me?

Anyway, that's what happened to me on the day after the incident. I was talking to Jace that following morning, telling him about what had happened the previous night and he was listening to me with curiosity, almost laughing at me for it. I was sure he didn't believe half of what I was telling him.

"You can't be serious..." he said when I told him about how the girl's father had reacted when he had seen me, "And they didn't even explain what was going on?"

"No. Nothing, " I replied, shaking my head.

"Huh..." he simply said, visibly puzzled, "So what do you think that was all about?" he then asked, looking at me.

"I don't know," I shrugged.

I really didn't know what I had witnessed had been all about. It had been so quick an so... weird. I was tempted to believe the father's explanation, having problems with a wood heater wasn't so uncommon, even if it was rare to see so much smoke. No, what puzzled me was the reaction he had had when he saw me. It was like he didn't want me to come near him or something. It puzzled me and I couldn't quite place my finger on the reason why it did. It was probably something instinctual...

"All I can say is that it was weird and that I somehow feel like I know that girl..."

"Well," Jace continued, "I believe that I'm not the most qualified person here to guess who she might be since I've been in Igualda for less than a trimester," he lied back on his chair and put his hands behind his head in a completely relaxed position.

I sighed. I knew what he meant. I'd been living in this city for my whole life, or almost all of it, so if I couldn't tell who was who by now, he definitely couldn't do it in such a short time.

"I know. I know," I said, sighing again, "but I somehow feel that this mystery should be a lot easier to solve than it appears... I know her from somewhere, I'm sure... But where?!"

I let my head fall in my hands, completely frustrated by this. I had it on the tip of the tongue but it kept eluding me. From where?! We were silent for a moment, only the surrounding noise of the hall filled up the space between us as I was desperately rummaging through my memories and my newly acquired friend calmly sipped his soda, one arm still behind his head.

"You know Quentin," he started again after five full minutes, "this could just be like the déjà-vu impression, you know, when you're tired and you think you see something you've already seen but in fact it's just your mind playing tricks. i've actually seen this on TV..."

I raised my head, about to say it wasn't that, when I shot a quick look around. Well the words died before even reaching my throat and I froze. You know that feeling of self hatred I told you about just before? Well multiply it a hundredfold, add a butt load of shame and a few speckles of surprise and you are close to what I felt in that instant. There she was, across the hall. Standing beside a couple of other girls, walking out of the library with a small smile on her face. She didn't even have to turn towards me, I somehow instantly recognized her hair and her slender frame and it all clicked.

Oh the horror! Of course! How could I have been so stupid! Gwen. That was short for Gwenala, Gwenala Listner. How could I have been so stupid? That was a rhetorical question of course. If you have never been faced with such an occurrence in your life, you can't even begin to imagine how I felt in that instant. The dumbest of idiots could have laughed at me for being stupid I would have been proud. It must have shown on my face because I realized that Jace had stopped talking and was looking at me with a frown.

"Dude..." he began, uncrossing his arms from behind his head, "are you okay? You should see your face..." he said with a chuckle.

"Uh..." was all I could reply, I focused on the girl called Gwen again, unable to say more.

"Has your brain fried or something?" he asked before following my gaze.

"What?" he asked, "What are you looking at?"

Apparently he hadn't made the connection yet. Well, I was in for a treat, I knew that... Damn it! How could I have been so stupid...! Of course I knew her! Gwenala Listner. She was in the same school as us, in the same year even, and had been in my class the previous year. How could I ever not remember that?! I sighed, looking at my new friend again, before taking in a deep breath.

"It's her."

That was the only thing I was able to mutter. I wanted to murder myself. So stupid... Jace looked at me, his frown deepened and I knew he still didn't get it.

"What? Who?" he asked again before turning his head back to where I had been looking.

"The girl. The one with dark hair, in the dark blue coat. It's her, the girl from yesterday," I finally spat out after a pause.

"No way..." he said, turning back to me, shock clearly visible on his face.

"Yes way," I said, "her name if Gwen. Gwenala Listner," I stopped an instant, unsure if I had the courage to admit it, but what point was ther in keeping it to me now? The damage was done. "She's a student here and she was in my class last year..."

I covered my face with my hands to hide my shame after finally saying that. There was silence for a moment, I guessed Jace was still looking at the group of girls and was still processing the information. But soon he would turn back to me and, after grinning widely like he sometimes did, he would laugh at me for a good half hour before being able to calm down. I wanted to hit my head on the table hard enough to fall in a coma. I think I had never hated my stupidity as much as I did in that instant.

Jace finally let out a chuckle. I tentatively looked up and saw him still staring at the group of girls. Then he turned to look at me. His gaze was focused on me for a few long seconds, his face was an emotionless mask at that moment. The silence was almost too much for me but fortunately he broke it before I reacted.

"Well, I can definitely see why she would catch your eye..." he finally said, the corner of his lips curling into a small smirk.

"Wha-" the words died in my mouth again.

Why was he so calm about this? Had he not realized the implication of what I had just said?

"But," I began again, "did you understand what I just-"

"Yeah, I heard," he cut me off mid-sentence, "I realized how stupid you are, don't worry.", he added, his smirk widening. "But then again, I sort of knew what I was getting into when I met you..."

I felt like punching him for being so sassy but I couldn't help a small smile forming across my face.

"So it's her, huh?" Jace then said, preventing me from giving fruition to my plans.

I just nodded in response and looked down once again, not willing to admit any more of my failure out loud.

"And you like her?"

My head shot up quickly, I didn't even try to hide my surprised look as I fixed my eyes on him. His poker face was still perfect, only the small smirk gave it away. I immediately knew that he was now going to grill me with uncomfortable questions and that he was going to do it with great pleasure.

"I never said anything like that!" I retorted, defending myself with perhaps a bit too much intensity.

He saw through it immediately. Damn it! What had possessed me to offer him my friendship in the first place? He was much more cunning and mischievous than I had thought. Too much for my liking. I should've played poker with him long ago, at least I would've known.

"But you thought it?" he shot back, exploiting every weakness he could find.

I  definitely did not like where this was going.

"No!" I exclaimed, a bit too loud perhaps as a few heads turned towards us for a moment. "No." I repeated in a lower tone, "I have to admit I find her cute, yes. But I swear I was talking about her because of what happened and not because of her!"

Okay, that was a bit of a lie. True I wanted to know what yesterday was all about but I have to admit that she, I mean Gwen, intrigued me. I hadn't noticed her that much in the past, proof being I had completely forgotten that she was going to the same school, but somehow I couldn't quite get her out of my head now. It was that look, her deep blue eyes boring into my soul, that was puzzling me. Of course, it may have been my wild imagination talking here since we had barely maintained visual contact for a few seconds, but it had felt as if there was something there.

Don't ask me what, I don't really know. I know what you're probably thinking: 'Oh, love at first sight! How cute!' but no, you can immediately cease cooing, that isn't it. I can't explain it. She intrigues me, that all. However, I really can't say if it's just her herself or if it's her because of what happened with her father. I don't know. It's really frustrating.

"Whatever you say man. You're the one who knows the best..." Jace said with a shrug.

I saw the quick but visible mischievous glint in his eye telling me that despite him dropping the matter for now this was far from over. I sighed once more before looking where I had seen Gwen and the group of girls the last time but I didn't see her again, they had disappeared.

"Well," he spoke, stretching his arms, "when you do know don't forget to tell me."

He stood up and started walking away.

"Hey, where're you going?" I asked, pondering if I should follow him or not.

I noticed he had left his bag though.

"Restroom." I simply heard him reply before he disappeared in the hallway.

I nodded, more to myself than anything since he was already gone. We'd met a few weeks ago, just before school year had begun, and we had spent quite some time together, either playing video games, doing some outdoor sport or walking around the city. I'd shown him around a bit so that he wouldn't have too much problem adjusting to living here and we'd talked about ourselves, rapidly getting to know each other. But I still had trouble understanding him sometimes, he enjoyed spending time with me from what I could say but he would sometimes go silent and not say a word for a moment, just listening to what I had to say or simply looking around, lost in his thoughts.

I'd been invited to his house quite fast, his parents intent on meeting their son's new good friend. I met his mother, Sally, an accountant, and George, his father, a writer who had found a job at the city's newspaper. I was also introduced to his younger sister, Bethany, who apparently had immediately decided to hate me for some reason, and been made aware of his older brother, Jason, who was studying at a university up north. They all seemed very charming, well except for Beth, I still didn't know what her problem was but she would simply stare at me with angry eyes for as long as I was int hesame room as her. I didn't know much about them but I could tell they were happy.

Jace had of course been introduced to my family, consisting of my mother and, to his greatest pleasure (and my own), to her sister. Marie, my mother's sister, my aunt, was... a bit weird, to say the least. She was always a bit aloof and seemed helbent on treating me and my mother as her own children even if she was the youngest of the two and never had had any. Don't ask me why, she was like that, much too protective to my liking. Her intentions were pure however, she really cared about us, but in such an annoying way I always did my best not to have to spend too much time with her. She had, of course, taken an immediate liking in my new friend, 'taking him under her wing' as she had said with her usual smile.

Since then I'd been over to his house and he'd been over to mine a few times, we'd spent almost all our week-ends at the beach or roaming the city, talking about our strangely similar interests and also a little about ourselves. That's how I learned that Jace lived in Elyork, on the south coast, before he moved here. His family had apparently moved there four years prior due to both his parents having found good jobs there. But they had realized that the huge city wasn't very much to their liking in fact and had decided to move to Igualda, which when compared to Elyork, was close to minuscule. He seemed to regret the big city at first but apparently it didn't take him so long to get used and start to enjoy living here, I'm proud to say that even if Igualda is not as big as Elyork, we still have a lot of interesting things to do here. Youngsters like us can still enjoy life pretty neatly!

Anyways, we had bonded almost immediately. Accepting him in my circle wasn't very hard, despite having lived here for a few years now I can't say I've made a lot of friends... It may seem sad to you but I assure you, I'm okay with that. Plus it's not like I have no friends, it's more like we're not as close as Jace and I have become. I don't know why but the chemistry with him is really easy and fun, not to deny other people's good points but I wasn't as close with Elisa and Michael despite having spent almost all my elementary and middle school with them. Since Mike moved away though it's been a bit more lonely, I met a few other guys in high school and still kept contact with Elisa, but not as much as I could have. Not that I complain, as I said before I'm okay with it. I'm not that lonely but having friends that aren't that close to me was just fine. We'd still go to parties and meet regularly, I also do enjoy their company, but we weren't best friends. Not like it is now with Jace at least, it's easy to see the difference.

Not being close to Jace when you're his friend though is extremely hard. He's a bit quirky, just enough to be likeable, but he's also very open and easy to talk to. It wasn't difficult to integrate him into the group, he befriended everyone in record time. That's also what I find cool about him, no prejudice, he give's everyone their chance and sort of invests himself in people he meets. So, yeah, it wasn't hard for me to start enjoying spending time with him. I have to admit, it's fun to have someone like that to interact with. I may even be starting to think that going back to just having casual friends would be really hard for me, I won't tell him that though, he'd never get off my back about how awesome he is... I was smirking at the thought when he came back and I saw his curious look as he sat back down.

"Watcha thinking about?", he asked.

"Nothing specific, funny though," I replied with a shrug.

"Aw come on Quent', tell me!" he said, almost whining.

"Nope, not important," I said as I stood up and took my bag.

He sighed but followed me to class, changing the subject to the latest movie he had seen. The rest of the afternoon passed by quickly, I didn't even feel the physics class's usual abominable length, which is surprising since I hate physics. We talked a bit about the house smoke incident but, unable to find a really interesting explanation, we settled for the fact that it was just weird and changed the subject back to the list of good movies we had seen recently. I still kept thinking about that girl -should I say Gwen instead of that girl? I don't know, I don't know her enough for it to feel okay to do that... anyway!- from time to time, I don't really know why but she seemed interesting to me. I didn't get to see her again that day though, even as I passed by her house after school, it was completely quiet, and no the next day either. I think I had already put that incident to the back of my mind -my will to know more had apparently faded away over the week end- when I saw her again the following week. I don't recall even wanting to go ask her about it at that time; this incident was just another curious thing that had happened. But, what can you do, life is what it is and it would be nearly as fun if it always remained normal, would it?

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