Treat Her Like She's a Masterpiece

[Poetry competition]


1. One

Treat her like she’s a play. 

Look at her like you’re trying to memorize every subtlety, 

Every hint of beauty, 

Every graceful rise and fall of her movement. 


Hear her like she’s a verse. 

Listen to her closely, hanging on every word, 

Every hidden meaning, 

Every clever twist of unspoken metaphor.


Speak to her like she’s a muse, 

Choose every word like poetry flowing from your lips, 

Every phrase a praise, 

Every gentle pause a silent cry for more. 


Read her like she’s a thriller.

Turn the pages with mounting anticipation, 

Every surprise a thrill, 

Every careful twist a step towards unravelling a mystery. 


Love her like she’s a novel, 

Like she’s an entire world in your hands, 

Every page a masterpiece, 

Every chapter an adventure too precious to shelve. 

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