The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Vengeance Factor

Michael Valkyrie and the Challenger travel into uncharted space in the Beta Quadrant only to confront four dangerous foes that are after Michael and his family for revenge and threaten to destroy the Federation.


9. 9

Michael assembled a welcoming committee with full military honors as the first Zeon soldiers wearing green uniforms entered through the walkway first before Casval Rem Deikun in his red dress uniform (who is also Char as he wore the mask) entered along with Haman Karn.  Michael and Gross greeted them and they went into the officer’s conference room where Casval told them that he and Haman along with the help of the Federation moved the Spacenoids out of the system they lived in because of the wars and as he and Haman led their people deep into unexplored space in almost the exact route the Challenger has taken they were welcomed by the Darsaeans and allowed them to setup their new home within the Darsaean Alliance outside the systems of Darsaean, Luzaera, Welgaia, Jaeris, Vandor and Veridian where the Zeons built or moved their Sides or space colonies in between the systems to establish communications and supply lines and in the meantime built more and improved ships and mobile suits including ships that look like submarines equivalent to late 20th and early 21st century earth.  Casval also told them that they had conflicts with the Klingons when they expanded to this part of space but they stopped them outside the Veridian system once they built ballistic missile ships (that look like submarines on earth) and threatened to use them on the Nuq’tal, Gren-ga Tharg and Maranga systems if they continue their conquest in this part of space and they are now at a stalemate.  He also told Michael the alliance is also expanding to the Nelvana and S2-Eridani systems and the Principality of Zeon is appointed to build a space defense system to prevent the Klingons from invading the Darsaean Alliance.  Michael said, “May I ask how are you going to cover three sectors of space with only ships?”, Haman set a small handheld device on the table and pressed a button on the top to show a 3D display of a series of asteroids and random Side stations in a ring and Haman said, “I’m sure you remember Axis, 5th Luna and A Baoa Qu.”, Michael said, “You mean the asteroid bases Zeon use to occupy I assume.”, Human said, “Correct.  These asteroids are constructed in the same manner with some of them here...”, four large asteroids were highlighted and revealed to have booster engines in the back, “are built like Axis so if need to be they can change position or be used to launch a counteroffensive if need be.”, Casval said, “Haman we are not planning to start a war.”, Haman said, “I said if need be not that we will, we discussed this Deikun!  We need to be prepared in case we have to strike!”, Casval said, “Fleet Admiral Karn do you wish to challenge the agreement we made with the Darsaeans?”, awkward silence as Michael and Gross watched them and Haman said, “No sir.”, Michael looked at the display and pointed at two largest rock bases like Solomon and said, “It looks like you recreated both A Baoa Qu, Axis and 5th Luna!  What about these Side stations?”, Haman said, “We have seven of them for resupply and stations for our troops and ships for recreation, training and repairs.  They are also used in case VIPs come to visit the defenses.  The two large bases we called A Baoa Qu’s 1 and 2 are the headquarters for the north and southern defenses and hold the reserve forces while the main forces surround Axis’s 1-4 and 13 5th Luna like bases but their interiors have been modified so the Klingons won’t know the interior and the Axis’s also hold and are capable of launching ballistic missiles or Planet Enders.”, Michael looked puzzled and said, “Planet...?”, and he saw Casval’s look at Haman and Michael said, “No matter although I would like to see what you have accomplished as our ship is being repaired.”, Casval said, “Don’t worry about the repairs our people will help so you can continue your journey.  In the meantime you may look at what we accomplished since we last saw each other even though it was awkward.”, Michael said, “Don’t worry, it’s water under the bridge.”, Casaval and Haman looked at him confused and Michael looked at them strangely and said, “All is forgiven, it’s an old earth saying.”, and they understood.  


    In a large hanger various Zeon gundam mobile types stood ranging from Char’s red Zaku to the Sazabi as Michael, Chloe, Gross and Arsenal stood with Casval and Haman with a few guards and Michael yelled with excitement, “DUDE THIS IS AWESOME!”, and he started climbing on top of the Sazabi and one of the guards was about to protest till Casval raised a hand to stop him and said, “It’s alight.”, Arsenal looked around both excited and confused as he walked ahead and Chloe said, “You have to forgive Michael, ever since he somehow came back to life and lost his sister he has random episodes of excitement and looks cheerful.”, Haman said, “What about him.”, and they saw Arsenal hugging the MSN-02 Zeong smiling and Chloe said, “Arsenal?  He's special, and loves to build machines and weapons.”, Michael yelled out, “Hey!  You better change these power couplings on the right shoulder or you’ll lose control of your right arm!”, they looked up to see Michael already opened one of the maintenance hatches and was looking inside the Sazabi’s right shoulder and Chloe yelled out, “Michael get down from there!  That suit is not yours!”, Michael yelled, “Just a minute!  Arsenal stop hugging that thing!”, Chloe called out to him again as Casval tried to contain his smile while Haman’s face turned red and Michael yelled out, “Okay, okay, geez!  Arsenal you’re freaking me out!  Stop hugging that damn thing!”, and Michael jumped down and said, “That’s cool!  The only other mobile suits I’ve seen is the VerKa we have in the Challenger’s hanger and the standard RGM’s and MS’s the Federation and Zhargosia has on their starships.”, Casual said, “We consistently develop different models to keep the Klingons from trying to figure out the inner workings of our suits and many of them are designed for specific people as you may have well known.”, Michael said, “Did you try miniaturizing them so they are more like suits rather than these big machines?”, Casval said, “You mean like to just fit a person or the pilot?”, Michael said, “Exactly!  It will save a lot of space in your ships and be able to build more of them!”, Casval said, “Make them like the old fighter jets on Earth.”, and he looked interested and said, “I like that.”, Michael said, “Then you should speak to Tony Stark!  He’ll be able to help you out and get started if not design some suits for you as well!”, Casval said, “I guess I will, next time I visit Federation space.”, they showed them around the space colony till the Challenger was repaired and when they decided to leave Casval and Haman wished them good luck and they escorted the Challenger till they passed the Vandor system.

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