The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Vengeance Factor

Michael Valkyrie and the Challenger travel into uncharted space in the Beta Quadrant only to confront four dangerous foes that are after Michael and his family for revenge and threaten to destroy the Federation.


6. 6

The ships passed the Xindus system and Malon said the Vegas’s shields has dropped to 50% while in the meantime Carrie left the bridge when no one was noticing.  The Green Comet got up and hit Temugin directly on his spine and she got one of her swords and started swinging at Temugin as he dodged her swings till he grabbed her sword in mid motion, ripped it out of her hands and threw it away before kicking her in the chest.  She got up and winged her other sword from her back cutting the left side of his left arm and tried to stab him in the gut but she missed as he came behind her, grabbed and pulled her left arm back and pushed her forward but she threw her head back hitting his face and swung her sword as she turned cutting his left ear off and he pushed her away as he screamed and cradled where his left ear was.  The Green Comet swung her sword again till he rand and punched it out of her hand and back handed her in the face and as she fell back he grabbed one of her knives and drove it into her stomach.  Michael screamed and Temugin rose up and pulled the knife out as he shoved her away with his boot before going to his chair and slipping the rings on chair to his fingers and repaired the damaged shields and guidance system as they passed the Idini Cluster.  Michael was told that the damage to the Vegas was repaired and Michael said, “Sound collision alarm!  Everyone brace for impact, we are going to ram him!”, Petra turned to him shocked but before she said anything Michael pushed Petra’s hands off the controls and pushed the throttle up all the way and the Challenger passed the Enterprise, busted through the shields and hit the left nacelle and both ships were knocked out of warp and spun away from each other in space.  Temugin was then thrown from his seat and slammed his back on the main viewer cracking the screen as his followers were carrying Chloe (unmasked) away and were all thrown down as well and she pulled a pin from her belt of six grenades and threw them to his chair where they landed directly in the seat.  One of the soldiers yelled and ran to grab them only for the chair to explode including the soldier as shrapnel flew all over the bridge as Chloe laid flat on the ground as the rest of the bridge crew and the followers that were carrying Chloe away were hit.  On the Challenger the bridge crew looked in shock at Michael as they recovered and Gross told him she detected an explosion on the Vegas and the ship’s shields are down and Michael ordered Petra to have the ship in position over the Vegas.


    Temugin screamed, “NO!”, Chloe pulled out her communicator but before she said anything Temugin’s boot fell on her hand and crushed it along with her communicator and she screamed in pain.  Temugin said, “You think you can avoid your fate Ms. Valkyrie, you are wrong.  Your death is inevitable as are your loved ones.”, then there was commotion outside and the entrance to the bridge exploded as Temugin shielded his eyes and as he looked Carrie’s fist slammed into his nose and he was thrown back.  Carrie mentally threw him against one of the consoles and she asked her sister if she is alright but then Temugin head butted her against her chest and was thrown against the wall and he grabbed her throat and proceeded to choke till she kneed him between the legs and twisted him around and threw him on his back to the floor.  He then grabbed her feet and tripped her but before she could get up he grabbed her and threw her against the wall and squeezed her throat tightly as her eyes started to turn bloodshot and her face turned red as he said, “Now I will avenge my father and the Ten Rings will...”, all of a sudden one of Chloe’s swords pierced through his back where his heart is and Chloe leaned on the sword making it turn upwards and Carrie mentally grabbed the blade and it went ripping through his shoulder and he fell to his knees as Chloe fell back on the floor as Temugin looked at his wound in shock before more soldiers came in and Carrie stood at Chloe’s side when suddenly they dematerialized.  Michael asked the status of both Chloe and Carrie and Crow told him they will both live and Petra called out the Vegas is powering up weapons and is turning to face them.  Michael ordered to raise shields but Arsenal said from his console that both shields and warp drive are unresponsive and the Enterprise rose from behind the Vegas and fired phasers and torpedoes on the nacelles and aft body causing the nacelles to blow apart in skeletal flaming structures while on the Vegas the soldiers and crew were blown from their stations and on the walkways as they screamed.  As the ship hovered in space with secondary explosions going off Kirk ordered the ship to surrender but then Temugin’s voice came on audio and yelled, “I WOULD RATHER BURN IN HELL!”, then the Vegas fired on the Challenger causing multiple hits along the front of the saucer section but the Enterprise fired two torpedoes making the bridge of the Vegas glowed red as they approached from behind and Temugin watched the Challenger with the left side of his body soaked in blood as he screamed in anger as the torpedoes hit the bridge causing a large explosion and a chain reaction as the rest of the Vegas explode.  The Enterprise then guided the Challenger to Starbase 32 where they can make their repairs and Michael asked what happened to the situation with the Romulans and Klingons as they were chased across their space and Kirk replied that it is being handled by the politicians and there’s nothing to worry about.

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