The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Vengeance Factor

Michael Valkyrie and the Challenger travel into uncharted space in the Beta Quadrant only to confront four dangerous foes that are after Michael and his family for revenge and threaten to destroy the Federation.


5. 5

The Enterprise was engaged in combat with a ship that is a mixture of both Federation and Roman Technology and has taken multiple hits on the bottom right side of the saucer section and the right side body almost taking out the support beam of the right nacelle as both ships are still engaged in multiple phaser and torpedo fire.  The Challenger warped in and Michael told Petra to fly over the ships and Malon to target the unknown ship’s engines while onboard the Enterprise Sulu told Kirk another starship is approaching over the other ship and says it’s the USS Challenger.  The Challenger then flew right over the present moon shaped saucer section of the dark green ship and fired both port and starboard phasers at it along the inboard sides the nacelles crippling their warp capability.  The Challenger then turned to the front right corner of the ship while the Enterprise hovered the other corner.  Michael said, “Captain Kirk she’s all yours.”, Kirk thanked him and hailed the unknown ship and a man showed his face and seemed a little familiar to Michael and he said his name is Temugin and he said he is the great grandson of Genghis Khan and he is here to start a war between the Federation and the Romulans and to claim his birthright and avenge his father’s death.  Carrie was in her quarters when she looked up surprised and turned on the computer monitor and it showed Temugin as he smiled and said, “Isn’t that right Ms. Carrie?”, and she looked shocked and said to herself, “The Mandarin’s son.”, Kirk then told Temugin that right now two starships, heavily armed are targeting him and he has tow choices: surrender or be destroyed but before waiting for a reply Gross told Michael that she is reading unusual readings from what Temugin called his ship the Vegas and Michael said, “What?”, Temugin said, “I have another idea.”, and Gross said, “Sir all the damaged on the Vegas is repairing itself!”, Temugin smiled and said, “In the name of The Mandarin I will kill both of you and destroy your ships.”, voices echoed behind him, “Hail the Ten Rings!”, Carrie intervened on audio and said, “What about me?  It I turn myself in will you spare them?”, Temugin said, “Sounds tempting but I leader of the Ten Rings have already reached a decision.”, and he disappeared from the main viewer and Michael said, “Petra turn us around and go to maximum warp now!”, Petra said, “Where sir?”, Michael yelled, “ANYWHERE!”, the Challenger turned and went to warp and the Vegas followed firing as she trailed behind the Challenger.  


    Michael asked Gross how is it possible that Temugin’s ship is repaired and Gross said, “There is unusual reading coming from what I believe is the bridge and it is the source of the repairs.”, Carrie spoke to Michael from his chair on audio telling him the power is from the ten rings like his father.  She then asked why Michael wouldn’t let her beam over to his ship and Michael says they are family and they stick together.  A phaser like blast hit along the middle of the left side of the neck when they flew around a dead planet in the Iccobar system as the Vegas continued firing with multiple shots passing the Challenger.  As they left the system a dozen klingon warbirds were chasing after them and the Vegas stopped and when the warbirds fired the torpedoes hit shield and the Vegas fired a yellow energy beam repeatedly causing them all to explode and Michael had the Challenger stop at what will be called the Mempa system and hid behind the fourth planet.  Gross said, “Sir there is a way we could defeat him.”, Michael and the others turned to her and Michael said, “What is it?!”, Gross said, “Sense his rings are connected to the ship then if someone would beam aboard they would only be confronting him without his rings and he will be vulnerable, but only if someone is a superhuman like he is.”, Carrie said, “That will be me.”, and Michael and others turned to her surprised as she stood by the turbo lift in her red uniform.  Before Michael could reply Petra notified him that Temugin has entered the system and is scanning for them.  Michael told Gross to scan for nebulas that can cloak sensors and render shields useless and she started searching when all of a sudden Vegas appeared behind them and fired two orange balls of light hitting the Challenger on each side of the hanger doors making it impossible to open them and Petra (without Michael telling her) pushed the throttles forward and the ship suddenly went to warp throwing some of the crew down.  Michael told Petra to plot a course to The Borderland and Gross told him she found what will be called The Briar Patch and she said no ship can maneuver in warp power and Petra plotted a course without Michael telling her.  


    Once they reached The Briar Patch, Chloe prepared herself to fight Temugin without warning anyone and when the Challenger was playing cat and mouse with the Vegas the Green Comet went to transporter room 2 and told the transporter controller to beam her over when the Vegas is in range and Michael has authorized it and as he watched his scanner and saw the ship was within range he beamed her over.  He notified Michael about the successful transport but Michael said he gave no orders for anyone to transport.  On Temugin’s bridge the Green Comet stuck her sword through one of the guard’s back and kicked another in the face and she said, “Hey ugly, are you going to sit there or fight like a real man?”, Temugin yelled, “KILL THAT HETHAN!”, and she stabbed, kicked, throat and eyed poked and chopped limbs off the bridge crew till there is only her and Temugin.  In the meantime Temugin plotted course away from The Briar Patch with the Challenger chasing after the Vegas.  Michael told Petra to follow that ship and Malon to try and disable its engines and Michael told the transporter chief to beam him over once they are out of warp.  They were then hailed by Temugin and he said he wanted them to watch as he kills Chloe and he left his chair and the whole bridge was in view showing him and the Green Comet and he began by blocking all of the Green Comets kicks and punches.  The Green Comet then grabbed his shoulders, jumped over him, crossed her legs around his waist and tried to choke hold him but Temugin then fell on his back to get her off.  He then put his hands underneath her jaw and tried to rip her head off and she tried to pull his hands away but he then slammed her head to a corner of his chair making her loose her grip.  Her wig fell off and she bled from the left corner of her forehead she continued to fight and evade his punches and kicks until she kicked him in the balls, punched him in the left cheek twice and he brought his head up underneath her jaw making her bite her tongue and bleeding in the mouth.  He then head butt her in the forehead knocking her down, she threw two blades at him but he jumped in between them and he in a flash he grabbed her by the front collar and started punching her repeatedly.  She pulled out her switchblade and stabbed him in the arm holding her and her pulled her hand off and the switchblade and threw it to the side and he picked her up and threw her against the bulkhead.  The Challenger fired all weapons as they chased the Vegas and out of nowhere the Enterprise barreled beside the Challenger and fired as well and was able to blast some holes on the Vegas.  Kirk hailed the Challenger and told Michael it will be a good idea if they concentrated all their firepower on one spot to eliminate the shields and both the ships began firing on one spot of the back of the Vegas.  On the Vegas, Temugin was on top of the Green Comet when he lost his balance as the ship shook and a computer voice said the guidance system is offline.  Temugin screamed in anger and he was on his way back to his chair when the Green Comet threw another switchblade and struck his back.  He yelped but he was able to pull it out and the Green Comet jumped on his back and bite on his left shoulder and he grabbed her and threw her on her back, Temugin then tried planting his foot on her but she moved away.

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