The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Vengeance Factor

Michael Valkyrie and the Challenger travel into uncharted space in the Beta Quadrant only to confront four dangerous foes that are after Michael and his family for revenge and threaten to destroy the Federation.


4. 4

The light vanished and the bridge crews of both the Challenger and Dreadnought looked back at their main viewers to see all the suits powered down and the VerKa still hovering in space with what looks like steam coming from its armor before Ender turned and started heading back leaving them all speechless.  The Dreadnought helped towed the Challenger and two other starships arrived and helped towed the ship back to Zhargosia while medical and damage crews helped the wounded or accessed the damage.  Once the ships reached Zhargosia Michael, Ender, Chloe, Crow and others were sent to Beta-Epsilon to rest and recover there while the Challenger gets repaired.  Arsenal stayed trying to help repair the ship as Carrie stood by him worried about his health as he was always busy and she was scarred from seeing large crowds of people working around the ship.  Her nerves settled a little as she held Arsenal and he looked down to see her shivering a little from all the attention and he put his arm around her to show that he knows and he kept working till late at nights where Carrie slept and cuddle close to Arsenal every night.  Petra was able to recover as Ender sat next to her in sickbay holding her hand and taking full care of her till the swellings stopped and most of her wounds healed and she was cleared to leave.  Once they found a place to stay Petra refused to leave the car they were transported on and Ender said, “Petra what’s wrong?”, Petra said, “I’m not going.”, Ender said, “But why?”, and Petra replied, “I want to go rock climbing.”, and Ender’s mouth just hung open as Petra laughed and said, “You look so funny with your mouth open.”, and Ender smiled and made a short laugh before getting back in and they were driven off.  Back on the Challenger Arsenal took time off and Carrie was still nervous from all the attention as she is curled up in bed facing away from Arsenal and she he tries to comfort her she shrugs him off and moved away from him and Arsenal looked hurt, got up and sat at his computer station in the other room and Carrie cried silently knowing she has hurt him.  She got out of bed, saw Arsenal working and she walked up to him and hugged him from behind.  Arsenal held her hands, turned around and saw her crying and lifted her head up with one of his fingers and said, “Please, don’t cry.”, and she wiped the tears from her eyes and kissed him.  Michael was then notified the Challenger is fully repaired and they are ready to depart and the rest of his family and friends were told and they were flown in shuttles to the Challenger waiting for them in orbit.  When they all assumed their posts they left orbit and headed for the frontier again only the Dreadnought stayed behind.


    The first system they traveled to was the Madain Sari system where the only habitable planet had intelligent lifeforms that live in water with the sides of their necks had gills, two Andorran like antennas, fish eyes and have three large fingers and pale blue skin but can walk on land and would like to remain neutral from any other civilization and Michael respected that and had Gross note the system as Quarantined.  At the Brilnari system they found a planet where the inhabitants are Vulcan like (even though they have the features of hobbits) were more than thrilled to join any peaceful alliance if the Federation or Zhargosia will come that far but on Indri on the other hand are like the Maddens and not want to join.  The Challenger then visited Ruah which is an ice planet with the inhabitants living in an eskimo type of civilization but then Gross detected a warp signature from another system.  Michael then ordered the Challenger to what will be called the Terra Sorna system and the inhabitants on one of the planets were not seeking to leave their system for exploration nor do not care for anyone else but their own planet and system and they have a features of a pit bull.  The Challenger then left and visited Vilmoran, which is a Roman like type of planet but did not have any gladiator type of games and Rham-Izad (which their culture is like the old Mongolian Empire).  When they traveled to Thertor they found a civilization that is warp capable and has space shuttle launchers but when they tried to contact them their hails were blocked and apparently refuse any form of communication and Michael decided to leave.  The nearby system of Xihydrae the inhabitants of one of the planets told them why when they appeared and told them they like to stay to themselves.  As the Challenger left orbit what looked like a Roman warbird decloaked in front of them and Michael had the ship go to red alert and Law told him that the Xihydraes said they called them over and their intentions are peaceful.  At the same time the captain of the warbird hailed them usually and they looked like Romulans but with white hair and he assured Michael they are descendants of the Romulans but represent the Garidian Republic and further questions will be answered when they escort them to their homeworld Garid.  After they reached Garid Michael, Chloe and three security personnel beamed to the down and were take to what looked like an assembly of senators but after they were given further details they revealed they were Patricians and they are allies to the Romulans but only to the extent of sharing technology and Michael revealed the the Zhargosia Republic is the same to the Federation and after the Garidians read and studied their history from their computer library the Garidians agreed to have a loose alliance with Zhargosia.  The Challenger was then escorted out of the Garidian Republic when the Challenger and their escort received a transmission from Rebena Te Ra that an unknown ship has appeared and a starship called the Enterprise is engaged even when the two Roman warbirds were destroyed.  Michael said they have to go in and help them but the captain of the other ship said if they do then they will have to attack them for invading Roman space but Michael said there is another way and that is they can go and get help from the Romulans while they engaged the unknown adversary and when they come back they will be gone.  The captain agreed and admired the captain and crews bravery and they split off and the Challenger warped into the combat zone.

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