The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Vengeance Factor

Michael Valkyrie and the Challenger travel into uncharted space in the Beta Quadrant only to confront four dangerous foes that are after Michael and his family for revenge and threaten to destroy the Federation.


1. 1

The Challenger sat in dry dock refurbished and repaired as Michael entered the bridge and noticed someone else is stationed at the navigation and weapons station as well as communications and they were both females and he said, “What happened to Lt.’s Chu and Tu?”, Gross told him that Chu was reassigned while Tu has a virus and she cannot set foot onboard a starship till it’s gone.  Michael sat in his chair and said as he looked curiously at the woman that is sitting next to Petra, “Do I know you?”, she turned around and said, “Yes sir.  You helped me with my department head in the hallway a few months back.”, Michael snapped his fingers and said, “Oh!  Lt. Jen Malon!  Am I right?”, Jen said, “Yes sir.”, he turned around and looked at the comms officer and asked her name and she said, “Lt. Commander Jen Law.”, and Michael looked back and forth between them and said, “Two Jens in one place?  This is weird.”, Law ignored him while Malon laughed.  Gross told Michael that all stations report ready and are standing by to depart and Michael told Petra to be ready to depart and outside the ship lighted up including the replaced deflector dish and Petra reports warp and impulse engines are powered up and ready and Michael said, “Take us out commander.”, and the Challenger flew out of dry dock in impulse power and moved away from Zhargosia passing two Miranda and a Yorktown class starships.  Law turned to Michael and said, “Sir command said the USS Dreadnought is waiting for us at the rendezvous point.”, Michael said, “Excellent.”, Gross turned to Michael with a look of curiosity and said, “I wasn’t told about an escort sir?”, Michael said, “Sorry commander, last minute change of orders.  Law intercom please.”, Law said, “Intercom open captain.”, Michael said, “Attention crew of the USS Challenger.  Our new mission is to explore the Beta Quadrant and investigate how far both the Romulan and Klingon Empires have extended and make sure they do not spread any further.  We will also find a system where the ship we are escorting will drop off their passengers and personnel to have a place they call home.”, he signed off and Gross yelped, “Sir I detect a Dreadnought class starship ahead of us!”, Michael said, “Calm down commander they are the people we are rendezvousing.”, Law said with shock, “Sir Khan is hailing us!”, Michael said, “On screen.”,  Khan Noonien Singh appeared on the screen and as the crew looked surprised he said, “Captain Valkyrie, it’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.  We are all grateful for having Zhargosia free us from the Federation.”, Michael said, “None at all Mr. Singh.  As long as you continue to abide our agreement and avoid any contact with the Federation and once we found the system where you and your comrades will live you avoid any contact with any other race except Zhargosia.”, Khan said, “Fair enough captain.”, the Challenger and the USS Dreadnought began their voyage into the Beta Quadrant but on a sour note when the Challenger received a transmission from Caere requesting immediate assistance because they are being attacked.


    The red alert was sounded and Ender got in the VerKa and assumed position and when the Challenger and Dreadnought appeared out of warp a large city like ship that almost looked like an Alteran Atlantis-Class City ship hovered in orbit of Caere II except large structures where they thought were buildings flew off the ship and about half of them were already descending to the surface creating large explosions.  The VerKa was launched with the Iron Defenders following it as Ender flew over the Challenger but then a large purple carrier appeared in a blink of an eye behind them and Petra yelled in Ender’s headset, “ENDER BEHIND!”, the spider fighters flew out and the VerKa turned to face them with the beam saber drawn and the Iron Defenders flew and fired at the fighters or tore them apart with their bare hands and Ender flew towards the ship swinging his beam sword and slicing up all the fighters in his path as sped to the carrier and in one swing sliced both the gun barrels before they have a chance to fire and he flew back and ran his sword along and flew straight down the main engines as they exploded.  Three more purple carriers appeared between the city bomber ship and the Challenger and Dreadnought with their fighters launched and Ender flew back ahead using his Iron Defenders to make a protective bubble around the two ships while the Challenger and Dreadnought fired both phasers and torpedoes forward to clear a path as Ender flew ahead with his shield in front as he rammed straight into the sea of fighters smashing or knocking them off their path as they approached the carriers.


    Michael, Khan and the bridge crew of both ships looked in awe as they saw Ender smashing through with his shield and Khan said, “Unique.”, once they were close Michael yelled, “SCATTER!”, and the Challenger and Dreadnought broke off to separate carriers while Ender charged forward as the Iron Defenders flew out grabbing fighters and firing their rifles at point blank range or grabbing them and tore them apart to reveal the fighters were drones.  As the Challenger approached one of the carriers the carrier started firing a barrage of anti-air at them causing the Challenger to shake violently as they hit the shields.  Ender continued flying towards one of the carriers with his shield in front as the carrier fired anti-air at him and he drew out his beam saber and swung his suit over the side and ran his sword across the deck slicing up all the anti-air batteries in two swoops before he pulled out his beam pistol and fired at the couplings of the main guns in the front disconnecting them from the ship as they exploded.  Michael said in Ender’s headset, “Wiggin our shields are taking a beating over here!”, and the VerKa flew at full speed to the Challenger’s aide swinging its beam sword left and right as well as holding its shield in front busting up the spider like fighters till Ender put the sword away and pulled out the beam rifle from behind as the fighters drew their attention on the Challenger while some of the batteries started to turn on Ender and he aimed at he battery lines on the ship and he yelled, “STOP IT!”, and fired as the beam passed straight through the ship and eventually caused a violent explosion blowing both the VerKa and the Challenger back as they and Ender shield their eyes.

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